Mosquito Netting Fabric Store

When you visit a fabric store, most bolts of fabric are 54-60" wide. OUR fabric rolls are VERY WIDE from 100" - 144". Order by the linear foot from the respective roll and that is how you determine cost.


Ordering 20ft from the 123" roll of Heavy Mosquito Netting cost $120 (= $6 x 20ft) and delivers a piece 123in x 20ft

Standard vs Heavy Mesh?

Standard Mesh is still a great quality mesh that is far better than most mesh types on the market. The heavy mesh has twice the thread weight and is just "uber-fantastic".

What is a No-see-um?

It is a very tiny biting midge fly. You can't see them, which is how they get their name. The mesh is a tighter weave with an 800 hole count per sq inch. The term has nothing to do with visibility through the mesh.

Quality Mosquito Netting

All our fabrics are 100% polyester made for outdoors and made to get wet. Fabrics are solution dyed for maximum fade resistance. Fabrics are fire rated (NFPA 701 small test). Our weave is a "lock stitch" such that it will not unravel when cut.

Want us to make it for you?

This raw fabric store is a small part of what we offer. We custom cut and bind panels that are ready to hang using either a sliding track system or a fixed attachment. Our fabricated solutions are affordable and provide everything you need including fasteners. Visit our photo gallery of custom-made solutions.

white mosquito netting

Heavy White

Mosquito Curtains review 3

Heavy Black

Ivory patio enclosure netting

Heavy Ivory

Heavy Mosquito Netting (Best value for quality vs price)

mosquito netting 100 inch x $5.50 / linear ft
Color   Length  
*123 inch x $6.00 / linear ft
Color   Length  
144 inch x $6.50 / linear ft
Color   Length  

Standard Mosquito Netting (Still great quality but Heavy Mesh has twice the thread weight)

white mosquito netting 100 inch x $4.50 / linear ft
Color   Length  
123 inch x $5.00 / linear ft
Color   Length  
144inch x $5.50 / linear ft
Color   Length  

No-see-um Netting (Not about visibility, but for a very tiny biting fly called a noseeum)

no-see-um netting mesh 122 inch x $5.50 / linear ft
Color   Length

Shade | Privacy Mesh (Blocks 80% of Sun and visible light. Also used for projection screens)

shade mesh fabric 120 inch x $7.00 / linear ft
Color    Length

White Shark's Tooth Scrim (Used mainly for indoor theatre productions)

shark's tooth scrim 120 inch x $6.50 / linear ft
White Color Only   Length
144 inch x $7.00 / linear ft
White Color Only   Length