Our “Heavy” Mosquito Netting Fabric

Heavy Mosquito Netting is our most popular and offers the best value and quality for the price! It also has the best airflow. This mosquito netting is incredibly strong unlike the other cheap meshes that you see elsewhere. Its rectangular grid pattern will stop even gnats & black flies. Our Heavy Mosquito Netting Mesh is our own durable recipe made to last.

Raw Heavy Mosquito Mesh

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Incredibly Strong Mosquito Netting

Incredibly Strong Mosquito Netting

Sold by the Foot From Massive Rolls

Custom-Made and Delivered in About 5 Business Days! (866) 622-0916

Colors & Pricing

Black Heavy Mosquito Netting
White Heavy Mosquito Netting
Ivory Heavy Mosquito Netting

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Heavy Mosquito Netting Information


Looking for a quality mesh fabric that will protect you from mosquitos and other insects? Perhaps your project is for a purpose other than insects. Our mesh netting fabric can do just that.

100% Polyester Made To Get Wet

Our Mosquito Netting Fabric is 100% polyester made for outdoors and made to get wet.

Sold by the Foot From Massive Rolls

Common bolts of fabric are 54-60″ wide. OUR mesh fabric rolls are VERY WIDE from 100″ – 140″. Order by the linear foot from the respective roll. Use the order form to determine the cost.

CA Fire Rated

Netting Fabrics are CA fire rated (NFPA 701 small test).

Will Not Unravel On Edge

Our unique mesh netting weave is a “lock stitch” such that it will not unravel when cut.

Solution Dyed

Netting materials are solution dyed for maximum fade resistance.

Heavy Mosquito Netting Specs Table

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Other Netting Types

We have several mesh netting fabric types to choose from! Each of these raw netting meshes serve a particular purpose in our fabricated solutions. We sell them here in raw netting pieces cut by the linear foot from huge rolls to custom fit your needs.

No-See-Um Mesh

  • Very small holes
  • Much denser weave
  • Clear looking out
  • Keeps out no-see-ums
  • Available in black or white

Shade Mesh

  • Black will not fade & blocks and 80% of sunlight
  • White used for outdoor projection screens

Industrial Mesh

  • Extremely durable
  • Can zip tie on edges
  • Purchased from military overrun
  • Incredible price point

Theater Scrim

  • Used for indoor projection or theater scrims
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Available in silver or white