Mosquito Netting Fabric

  • Industrial grade raw netting.
  • Custom-cut to the inch from massive rolls.
  • Exceptional Marine-grade quality.
  • Delivered fast in 3-7 business days (US/CA).
  • We offer fabricated solutions as well. If you can imagine it, we can probably make it!
  • 71,394 happy customers since 2004.
Massive Netting Rolls Up To 144″
Strong Netting Lifts 240lb Man

Custom made and shipped in 3-5 business days!

Our “Heavy” Mosquito Netting Fabric

Heavy Mosquito Netting is our most popular and offers the best value and quality for the price! Twice the weight of our standard netting, it also has the best airflow. This mosquito netting is incredibly strong unlike the other cheap meshes that you see elsewhere. Its rectangular grid pattern will stop even gnats & black flies. Our Heavy Mosquito Netting Mesh is our own durable recipe made to last.

Heavy Mosquito Netting Fabric

Raw Heavy Mosquito Mesh

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Black Heavy Mosquito Netting
White Heavy Mosquito Netting
Ivory Heavy Mosquito Netting

Other Net Mesh Types

Other Mesh Types

We have several other mesh netting fabric to choose from! Each of these raw netting meshes serve a particular purpose in our fabricated solutions. We sell them here in raw netting pieces cut by the linear foot from huge rolls to custom fit your needs. Scroll down to see and navigate to our different meshes.

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Mesh Types Overview

Standard Mosquito Mesh Fabric

Standard mosquito netting is half the thread weight and less expensive than our Heavy Mosquito Mesh but looks very similar.
Black Standard Mosquito Mesh
White Standard Mosquito Mesh
Ivory Standard Mosquito Mesh

No-See-Um Mesh Fabric

Noseeum netting has smaller holes with a much denser weave to keep out the pesky, biting flies known as no-see-ums (because they’re too small to see) that live near water.
Black No-see-um Netting
White No-see-um Netting

Shade | Outdoor Projection

Black Shade Mesh – will not fade and blocks both insects and 80% of sunlight. Best Visibility.
White Shade Mesh – is used primarily for outdoor projection screens.
Black Shade Mesh
White Projection Screen

Shark Tooth Scrim Mesh

Used for indoor projection and theater scrims.

Silver Theater Scrim

White Theater Scrim