All Raw Netting Meshes

All Raw Netting Meshes

Giant rolls of raw netting custom-cut to your specifications. Incredibly strong with limitless applications.


Modular panels custom made to your exact size requirements.

Delivered Fast

Delivered at lightning speed in 3-7 business days (US/CA).

High Quality

Exceptional Marine-grade quality materials made to last.


We have different meshes to meet your exact specifications.

Celebrating 20 years since 2004 and over 50,000 projects! (866) 622-0916

Heavy Mosquito Netting

Heavy mosquito netting is our most popular and offers the best value and quality for the price! Twice the weight of our standard netting, it also has the best airflow. Its rectangular grid pattern will stop even gnats & black flies. See our Heavy Mosquito Mesh page for more information.

Raw Heavy Mosquito Mesh


No-See-Um Mesh

No-see-um netting has smaller holes with a much denser weave to keep out the pesky, biting flies known as no-see-ums (because they’re too small to see) that live near water. If you don’t have a problem with this type of bug, we do not recommend this kind of mesh. See our No-See-Um Mesh page for more information.

Raw No-See-Um Mesh


Shade Mesh | Outdoor Projection

Black Shade Mesh will not fade and blocks both insects and 80% of sunlight. Best Visibility. White Shade Mesh is used primarily for outdoor projection screens. See our Shade Mesh page for more information.

Raw Shade Mesh


Theatre Scrim Fabric

Used for indoor projection and theater scrims. Available in white or Silver. We can also sew these together for large stage production projects. See our Theater Scrim page for more information.

Raw Shark Tooth Scrim


Industrial Mesh

This incredibly strong industrial mesh is a military overrun that we were able to pick up for a low price. It is extremely durable and can be zip tied on edges. Incredible price point for quality. Available in Olive Green. See video below for more information.

Raw Industrial Mesh


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