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To begin, please watch the photo guidelines video!

  • Following the guidelines in the video will save you time.
  • This efficient process allows us to create high-quality, custom enclosures at an affordable price.

With this information, we use screen sharing software so you can watch as we draw on your photos. We will answer all your questions in real time.

Photo Guidelines Video (1:23)

Photo Guidelines

(Click Photos Below to Enlarge)

  • Please provide 2-4 high resolution photos that show all complete sides of your project.
  • Step BACK and zoom OUT so we can see as much as possible. No close-ups.
  • Large file sizes – Small images do not provide enough resolution for planning sessions.

These Are Good Photos

Why? We can see each full side with fastening surfaces in each high resolution photo.

These Are Bad Photos

Why? They are too close up so we can’t see ALL fastening surfaces and corner transitions.

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Heather Evans
John Hubay
Iryna Mardanova
Patrick Jordan
Dan McCaskey 

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When you call, our FIRST question will be, “Have you sent photos?”

PLEASE read photo guidelines above!

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