Gazebo Screen Enclosures

Gazebo Screen Enclosures

Modular Mosquito Netting Panels custom-made to fit any space. One system, limitless applications.

Custom Kits

Modular panels custom made to your exact size requirements.

Delivered Fast

Delivered at lightning speed in 6-10 business days (US/CA).

High Quality

Exceptional Marine-grade quality materials made to last.

DIY Install

DIY installation in an afternoon with simple tools and fasteners.

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Mesh types, top attachments & usability.

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Gazebo Screen Curtains Made To Last

We custom-make marine grade quality Outdoor Gazebo Screen Curtains using mosquito netting that is 10x stronger than tissue paper thin materials stamped out in China that do not last. Our black curtains are crystal clear to look through and will not fade (solution dyed for you designers) and is strong enough to lift our heaviest 240lb employee. If you are tired of the low quality gazebo screens, we can help.

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Elegant Enclosures

Privacy Looking In

Clear Looking Out

Super Strength

Top Attachment Options For Gazebo Curtains

We offer tracking that enables you to slide panels from side-to-side enabling you to create decorative “swags” when gazebo curtains are pulled back. Alternatively, we offer a less expensive Velcro top attachment which is actually more common for Screening Gazebos. Panels are fixed in place though you may still create magnetic doorways. If you are apprehensive about a fixed Velcro attachment, consider that black is crystal clear to see through. All you are really giving up is the ability to gather curtains into decorative swags.

Tracking Top Attachment

Enables you to slide the curtains side to side

Velcro Top Attachment

Top will not slide.

Other Gazebo Screen Mesh Types

Shade Mesh

Blocks biting insects and also blocks 80% of sunlight. Outstanding clarity (inside looking out).

No-See-Um Screen Mesh

No-see-ums are NOT mosquitoes, gnats or black flies. Generally found near large bodies of water, no-see-ums are about as big as a ridge and a half of your fingerprint.

Clear Vinyl Winter Panels

Want weatherproof gazebo? Yes, we make those too. Best of all, they are interchangeable with our gazebo screens and use the same fasteners. Seasonally, swap them out. Use with a space heater, for a nice cozy gazebo.


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