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More Information About Theatre Scrims

Theater Scrim Colors & Mesh Type

Imagine a giant, high-resolution, dense mesh sheet (for wind) made of an outdoor marine-grade polyester, bound on all sides and prepared with Velcro or Grommets to your specifications.


We decided to focus on the quality of our theater scrim material and offer flexible rigging techniques where you can hang your theater scrim from any overhead surface including a header beam on your porch.

As good as resolution gets for traditional movie projection. Used primarily for outdoor projection screens.

Some people prefer silver scrim in a theater/movie room. Still can be used outdoors, resolution is very close to white.

Less visible when not projecting. Often black is used in night clubs when you want an eerie ghostly effect.  Great for light shows.

White Theater Scrims for a translucent dreamy effect.

Silver / Gray Theater Scrims

Black Theater Scrims offer a ghostly ethereal effect.

Projection Resolution for Theatre Scrim

Lighting has everything to do with creating the right effect. Images can be viewed from either side of the mesh with nearly equal resolution (rear project or front project). The theatre scrim resolution depends upon:

Another Projection Screen Thumbnail 2

Front Projection

Rear Projection

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