Caring for Clear Vinyl Panels

Caring for Clear Vinyl Panels (1:52)

  • Remove Clear Vinyl Panels in Spring when temperatures begin to reach 80 degrees F. Clear Vinyl shrinks and clouds in the hot summer sun.
  • Completely remove them! Simply rolling them up in place during the summer will REALLY shrink them because without fasteners they are free to contract.
  • Wash with Soap and Water DO NOT use ammonia-based products that will cloud material
  • Use Fast Wax Conditioner for deeper cleaning and to add a protective coating on BOTH sides.
  • Flip canvas over Clear Vinyl and roll like a burrito. Store in the box they were delivered in or wrap in a tarp to keep clean.
  • Store in Temperature controlled environment Like the basement or under a bed
  • DO NOT store in your garage or attic Temperatures can get very hot and WILL shrink panels.
  • Clients who follow these instructions get surprising life from their panels. Those that don’t, wish they did!

Here Is An Extreme Example

In 2020, Lake Havasu experienced 3 weeks with temperatures above 108 degrees. These were rolled up on a metal bar that was even hotter and the scorching bar melted holes in the direct sun. The curtains shrunk and now misshaped .
COMPLETELY remove curtains when temperatures approach 80 degrees and store in a cool dry place (NOT in a garage or attic). A good rule of thumb is to remove them right after pollen season.

What Not To Do!