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Clear Vinyl FAQ’s

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The Basics

What is a Clear Vinyl Enclosure?2019-10-22T02:04:14-04:00

A Clear Vinyl Enclosure is a thick (20mil) barrier to cold, rain, winds (up to 25mph) and pollen. These outdoor plastic panels are commonly used in conjunction with a space heater to expand usable living space during the cooler months.

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How much will it cost?2019-10-22T01:45:46-04:00

The cost depends on your particular patio, porch, or outdoor space.  Factors include the size, overall dimensions, the height, custom work to avoid obstacles, angles, etc.  As an example, the residential porch project seen in most of the videos is 32ft TOTAL width x 9ft tall and uses 4 panels with fixed Velcro attachment is $1,258 all-in after shipping to USA.

  • If you would like a ballpark estimate, you can use our Instant Quote Tool.
  • For a precise quote we will need photos of your patio, porch, or outdoor space.  Once we have photos, we will have an online planning session with you to provide you with the best solution. Typically we can get you a precise quote in just a few minutes.  To get started, go to the Clear Vinyl Planning Session page of our website.
Is Clear Vinyl Plastic Fire Rated?2019-10-22T01:46:32-04:00

Yes. Clear Vinyl Plastic passes what is known as the “NFPA701 small test”. In short, they pass a California fire rating standard which is the strictest in the country. Clear Vinyl often has a canvas apron. The canvas is NOT fire rated unless specifically requested (and it is expensive). Applications below 77″ tall don’t use a canvas apron. Between 77″ – 108″ the apron is only on the bottom (away from your ceiling). Taller than 108″ often requires a top canvas and under the right circumstances can put you at risk. In such cases, let us know this if this is a concern when you order.

Is your product made in America?2019-10-22T01:52:35-04:00

Yes.  All of our vendors are also American businesses though some may source components outside the U.S.  All fabrication is done right here in Atlanta. All employees have been screened by E-verify for DHS eligibility and earn above market wages for respective skills.

What is it made of?2019-10-22T01:53:05-04:00

Clear vinyl panels are a double polished marine-grade PVC plastic with a waterproof canvas apron to make up the height difference such that panels can be offered up to 11ft tall.  We are unique in that our clear vinyl is 72” tall while others have only 54” tall windows.  The technology required is rare for 72” goods.  What this means to you is that we have taller windows that require less canvas to make up the height difference.  This is an important reason why our costs are lower than competitors.  The perimeter of each panel has a 3-inch polypropylene webbing to absorb the flex as clear vinyl stiffens in temperatures below -15 degrees F (-26 C).

Quality Materials & Construction

Why choose us?2019-10-22T01:53:19-04:00

We’re a family owned business based in Atlanta, GA.  We’ve been in business for over 14 years and have had the pleasure to work with homeowners all over the world fulfilling over 49,000 orders.  We have excellent customer reviews and work very hard to make our customers happy.  Be assured our products are guaranteed.

Trust us to walk you through our streamlined order process and ensure your happiness with our product for years to come.

“Solid customer service, is not only the ethical way to run a business, it makes for loyal customers who tell their friends. We are highly passionate about our product and our family business. We make people happy to maintain that unflinching passion. We provide outstanding service as much for ourselves as we do it for our good clients. In our world, no dollar is worth the price of honor. Our experience has been that you believe that too!

We want you happy, then we’ll make you a Clear Vinyl Enclosure you will love.” ~ Kurt Jordan

  • 25-45% cheaper than our competition
  • Easily install & remove on your own
  • We only use High Quality Materials
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Made in the USA

Our Story

Meet Our Family

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Interchangeable With Summer Insect Curtains

Weather & The Elements

How can I warm my space?2019-10-22T01:55:37-04:00

We’re nuts about safety and heaters can be dangerous. Consider an electric radiating heater that is safely placed to avoid fire and burns. Propane space heaters burn cleaner (byproduct is carbon-dioxide and water) than fuel based heaters but humans need oxygen and your space needs ventilation. Keep in mind that propane doesn’t burn 100% so pay attention and use good sense. Never sleep or leave small children unattended in an enclosed area with a propane heater. Read all warnings associated with your heating device.

Never! Never! use other organically fueled heaters (such as kerosene) that produce dangerous toxic gas (carbon monoxide). It would be like sealing your garage and running your car engine. In time, IT WILL KILL YOU. Please be smart about your heating sources and carefully read up on the manufacturer warnings when purchasing. We want you and yours, SAFE!

Be smart about where you place your heater so that it does not melt the clear vinyl plastic.  It all depends upon the strength of your heater.  A good rule of thumb is that if you wouldn’t be comfortable at a particular distance for a protracted period of time, then the clear vinyl panels wouldn’t either.

Clear Vinyl Plastic passes what is known as the “NFPA701 small test”. In short, they pass a California fire rating standard which is the strictest in the country. Clear Vinyl often has a canvas apron. The canvas is NOT fire rated unless specifically requested (and it is expensive). Applications below 77″ tall don’t use a canvas apron. Between 77″ – 108″ the apron is only on the bottom (away from your ceiling). Taller than 108″ often requires a top canvas and under the right circumstances can put you at risk. In such cases, let us know this is a concern when you order.

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What are temperature constraints?2019-10-22T01:54:14-04:00

Too Cold:  Clear vinyl becomes stiff and brittle in temperatures below -15 degrees F (-26 C).  Clear Vinyl has what is known as a “cold crack” rating such that if you try to manipulate the material below these temperatures, it will crack.  We apply a flexible webbing around the perimeter of each panel to absorb flex.  If you have a handful of nights where temperatures will be below these temperatures, consider running a space heater at a very low setting to keep temperature inside enclosure above 0 degrees F (-18 C) to be safe.

Too Hot:  Be sure to remove panels when temperatures rise above 75 degrees which is generally just after pollen season.  ALL clear vinyl shrinks in temperatures above 85 degrees F (26 C) so do not store panels in the attic or garage.  Panels will also yellow in the hot summer sun. For this reason, please remove panels during the warmer months and store in a cool dry place.

Temperature Constraints for Clear Vinyl

What if I am in a windy area?2019-10-21T17:48:45-04:00

Mention this to your planner.  Much will depend upon the architecture of your application and we will see this when you send photos.  We have a number of tricks up our sleeve including belted ribs that will brace plastic panels in the wind.  In very strong winds, it is best not to compete with Mother Nature and open them up.  Since we guarantee performance, we will be the first to tell you if we feel your conditions are not appropriate for our product.

Most Common Solution
CV Belted Rib to Protect from Wind

Installation & Care

How are the sides and base attached?2019-10-21T17:59:29-04:00

Generally, a combination of marine snaps and grommets with L-shaped Screws.  We Also use belted ribs that is a tension belt fastened between two fixed points (D-Rings).  These belted ribs are not attached to the curtain panels themselves.  Under breezy conditions, panels will lean into the ribs for bracing to distribute the wind load.

How Are Sides Attached?

Why Is This Self-Install?

See Complete Installation

How do I care for my curtains?2019-10-21T18:09:03-04:00

Curtains like to be washed at least once a year with soap and water to remove any dirt. In addition, we offer a fastwax cleaner for some finer cleaning and conditioning. Curtains should be removed during the summer months as heat will shrink the curtains over time and the summer UV will yellow the clear Vinyl. Store curtains in a climate controlled environment below 85°F (30°C). Do not store in attic or garage as temperatures can soar. Under a bed is a suggestion.

Caring For Your Winter Panels

How is the top attached?2019-10-21T18:48:52-04:00


The most common is a “fixed attachment” where by panels are in place for the entire season and then entirely removed during warm months to preserve longevity. They Attach using Velcro, Marine Snaps, and L-screws through grommets.

Don’t forget to ask your planner about a “roll up” feature. Just like roman shades, fixed Velcro Panels can be rigged to “roll up”.  A roll up system is very simple to create on your own.  We simply need to position grommets to enable you to do so. The video at the bottom of this page will show you how.



We do offer a tracking option whereby panels will slide side-to-side.  The tracking option is typically used only when clients already have our summer insect curtains and want them to be interchangeable.  While the summer insect curtains are lovely and decorative when tied back, let’s face it, you won’t win a beauty contest with a gathered swag of thick plastic.  If this is your first purchase from us, we recommend a fixed attachment to save money since you won’t need track hardware.


How Is The Top Attached?

Heavy Tracking

Adding a “Roll Up” Feature

Complete Installation Video

Is this difficult to install? How long? What tools?2019-10-21T18:53:04-04:00

Curtains are installed with minimal home improvement skills. Can you stand on a ladder and hold a drill? If the answer is yes, you’re in business. Most describe it as a fun little half day project.

Velcro Top Attachment: (most common and panels are fixed in place for season)

  • Velcro – is “Side-Mounted” to some surface (See tip, below, if this seems impossible).
  • Tools Required – Drill, ladder, hammer, scissors, staple gun, pliars and your favorite dog to help watch you work.
  • Initial Installation time – About 40 min per 10ft of width.

Tracking Attachment: (enables you to slide panels from side to side)

  • Track Rails – are “Under-Mounted” to some surface (See tip, below, if this seems impossible).
  • Tools Required – Drill, ladder, hammer, scissors, pliars, hacksaw, and metal file.
  • Initial Installation time – About 60 min per 10ft of width.


The tracking is designed to be under mounted; however sometimes the path may be blocked by columns.  In such cases, we will show you how to side mount a wood strip and then under mount the track to the wood strip.  A similar strategy can be used for Velcro Panels when the path seems blocked.  We will help you with all this during your planning session.

See Complete Installation

Why Is This Self-Install?

What is the best path? Inside columns or outside columns?2019-10-21T18:56:04-04:00

The most common is what we call an “outside hang” taking a path OUTSIDE your columns.  This gives these perfectly dense panels skeletal structure in the wind and aesthetically looks nicer.  In addition, with an outside hang fasteners are reinforced it the breeze and not facing in a direction where they are prying loose.

Choosing A Path



What are the available apron colors?2019-10-22T02:01:18-04:00

The apron is the canvas portion at the bottom of the vinyl panel. Choose from 9 different canvas colors to match the aesthetic of your house or structure. See the content below for more information, or visit our Apron Colors & Gallery page.

Plastic Porch Enclosure with black apron
Weatherproof Patio Enclosure with Red Apron
Ashen Gray
Protect porch from rain wind and snow
Cocoa Brown
Clear plastic enclosures protect any outdoor space from weather
Royal Blue
clear plastic drop panels to enclose tents and awnings
Chocolate Brown
Plastic Enclosures For Porch and Patio
Moss Green
Forest Green
Sandy Tan
No Canvas

Waterproof Canvas

(Watch for info and a quick laugh)

Apron Colors Walkthrough

(Watch for canvas apron details)

Canadian and international orders?2019-10-21T19:15:05-04:00

Canadian Orders

Transit times are 3 days to Ontario and up to 7 days to BC. When you order, we will charge you GST/HST and then pay these taxes along with any brokerage fees on your behalf. The instant price estimator does not make these calculations, though they are what you would expect in your province.  Prices are in USD and your credit card company will make the conversion.  We cover entry brokerage fees.  In short, what you pay at the time of order is the LAST USD you pay.

International Orders

Transit times are generally 5 -14 business days and the carrier is determined based on cost as our actual shipping costs exceed what you will be charged. You will pay any customs fees required by your government upon arrival.

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Can I reuse tracking for Mosquito Curtains and Clear Vinyl?2019-10-21T22:47:39-04:00

Yes! If you currently have our Summer Insect Curtains, you may use the same track and fasteners with Clear Vinyl Panels making them perfectly interchangeable.


Mosquito Curtains

Clear Vinyl Winter Panels

Mosquito Curtains

Clear Vinyl Winter Panels

What if I’m not happy with the product?2019-10-21T22:17:38-04:00

If you’re not happy with the product, please return it within 4 weeks for a full refund of your purchase price less shipping charges, hassle-free.  If there are any errors or fabrication flaws, we will correct them immediately.  Why? First, it has only happened a few times and we stand behind our product.  No dollar is worth the price of honor and we believe you think so, too.

We do, however, want you to be thoughtful with your purchase and be certain before purchasing.  As a cusom-made product, we cannot reuse them and they are tossed in a dumpster.  We are a small family business and believe you don’t want to hurt little guys like us by not checking with your spouse first or purchasing our product for an event and then returning it shortly afterwards (yes, if you can believe it).  Check with your homeowner’s association PRIOR to purchase and please be careful with measurements.

What is the order process?2019-10-21T22:26:30-04:00

Get started in less than 10 minutes with our Clear Vinyl Planning Session.

What’s the turn-around time?2019-10-21T22:27:38-04:00

Clear vinyl must cure for two days to relax elasticity prior to fabrication.  Fabrication takes 1-4 days depending upon workload and complexity.  Transit times are 1 to 5 days depending upon your proximity to Atlanta, GA.  You can expect to receive your product in 5 to 10 business days from when you place your order.

Should you need panels sooner for an event, we charge a 10% premium (to cover overtime) plus expedited shipping charges.  You will have your product in as soon as 4 business days.  Keep in mind that expected delivery times depend upon UPS, holidays, and sometimes the hand of God.

Special Situations

Clear Vinyl for restaurants?2019-10-21T22:37:45-04:00

Want to lure customers to outdoor dining during in cold and rainy climate? Clear Vinyl Plastic Enclosures are an investment that pay for themselves in just a week or two. Keep customers warm by using a space heater and create a cozy al fresco environment year round. Using outdoor clear vinyl plastic panels will put more diners in view of passers by luring them towards a restaurant with “action”, instead of to an alternative restaurant. Expand your culinary real estate, Today!

Important: The Clear Vinyl is Fire rated but the canvas apron is only fire rated upon request and is more expensive. The biggest concern are the materials near the ceiling and projects less than 9ft tall typically only have canvas at the bottom. Only for very tall projects is there a top canvas. We ask you to use your most conservative judgment for the protection of others and yourself.

Clear Plastic Panels for Restaurant Patio

Slate Restaurant Various Attachments

Clear Vinyl for Restaurants

How To Create a Simple Roman Shade2020-03-11T12:18:34-04:00
Can you cut odd shapes?2019-10-21T22:43:40-04:00

There will be some additional charges for custom work, but we can cut slopes, arches, and notches when required.

Need help with your project?

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