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Custom Event Tent Screen Panels

You don’t just rent event tents, you rent an outdoor experience. If you have a Tent that is unusable because of annoying biting insects, we may have a very affordable solution for you. Mosquito Curtains are a marine-grade quality product to create tent screen panels custom fitted & made to last. We will provide for magnetic or zippered doorways for easy egress. Our custom curtains are removable, washable and easily self-install in just a few hours. Typical cost for a 4-sided tent screen enclosure 20ft x 20ft x 9ft tall is less than $1,500.

Interchangeable Clear Vinyl Winter Panels

Interchangeable with our Screen Enclosures, Clear Vinyl Plastic Tent Panels will winterize your tent from cold, rain & snow. Similar to what is used in restaurants, our 20 mil thick panels have the same attention to quality as our tent Screen Enclosures.

Why Choose Our Tent Screens?

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Want to Just Rent Tent Screen Panels?

Unfortunately, we are not in the rental business, but here’s an idea. Talk to your event tent rental company who will purchase on your behalf and perhaps waive a screen rental fee for the idea for a product they can offer to their future clients. After all it is another opportunity for them to rent products that will fulfill the needs of their good clients, like you!