No-See-Um Mesh Fabric

Raw No-See-Um Mesh


Looking for a quality mesh fabric that will protect you from Noseeum biting flies? Our Noseeum netting has tiny holes (800 holes per sq inch) with a much denser weave to keep out the pesky, biting flies known as no-see-ums that are commonly found near water. UNFORTUNATELY, this mesh has elasticity making it difficult to spline screen.

Black or White

Clear looking out

Privacy looking in

Incredibly Strong No-See-Um Netting

Sold by Foot from Massive Rolls

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Looking for a quality mesh fabric that will protect you from no-see-ums and other insects? Perhaps your project is for a purpose other than insects. Our mesh netting fabric can do just that.

100% Polyester Made To Get Wet

Our Mosquito Netting Fabric is 100% polyester made for outdoors and made to get wet.

Sold by the Foot From Massive Rolls

Common bolts of fabric are 54-60″ wide. OUR mesh fabric rolls are VERY WIDE from 100″ – 140″. Order by the linear foot from the respective roll. Use the order form to determine the cost.

CA Fire Rated

Netting Fabrics are CA fire rated (NFPA 701 small test).

Will Not Unravel On Edge

Our unique mesh netting weave is a “lock stitch” such that it will not unravel when cut.

Solution Dyed

Netting materials are solution dyed for maximum fade resistance.

No-See-Um Netting Specs Table

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