Mosquito Curtains FAQ’s


We have several layers of security on this website to insure that we are squeaky clean. Our first layer is through our host “Liquid Web” which, by itself, has very robust security. You will also notice that our site is proteccted by an SSL certificate. In the address bar of your browser, you will notice https:// which means that we are protected by an encrypted SSL protocol. We have gone through great effort to protect all “forms” you may fill out, such that our code confuses and kills malicious crawlers searching for email addresses used to SPAM. Our site is monitored by a third party security firm, daily. Lastly, once an order has been placed, credit card information is immediately purged. We DO NOT know or have ANY access to credit card information used for online orders and it is invisible, even to us. Our merchant processor is “Paypal” who is a very large and well respected payment platform. We take security VERY seriously.

Generally, 99% of folks do a very good job ordering online. A few forget to add IMPORTANT measurement adjustments. After all, curtains need to be a bit wider than your exposure so that we have enough protective overlap to seal the sides.


The most overlooked items to order are fiberglass rods and marine snaps. At the checkout page of the web site, there is a comments box where you can write notes even just to tell us how your life is going. We like notes, even if you think it is repetitive information. If there are irregularities on the order, we will give you a call and make sure everything is right.

We appreciate when clients order directly online since it greatly helps us to keep costs down. During the height of the season, we can get quite busy, and it really helps if you’ve read the web site since every question we’ve ever been asked is explained here.


We recognize that we may not explain in terms that everyone understands. In such cases, please call us. We are here! We are available! Often, well after hours! If you need help planning a project, we encourage you to email us no more than 2 digital photos (step back and zoom out). My name is Kurt Jordan. I am co-owner and can help with ANY issue. I am as friendly as your grandmother and, my direct line is 770-645-4745.

We will correct the mistake and we don’t ask who’s fault it was. Sometimes we ask that you return the incorrect mosquito netting curtains back to us for a correction; and, sometimes we just start over. Mistakes are very costly to us, and we appreciate that you take good care when placing your order. Measure twice so we can cut and sew once. We don’t want to cut down any more polyester trees than we need to. In the end, your recommendations to friends and family are our very best source of advertising. We want you happy! We are a family business and I want my children to be proud that we make a great product that improves the lives of other people.

Raw mosquito netting and raw no-see-um netting is just raw fabric with absolutely no means of attachment. Raw netting is often ordered by designers and folks that choose to fabricate their own solutions. Curtains, on the other hand are cut to your order specifications and bound on all 4 sides with a sturdy webbing. If you don’t order any tracking hardware, we automatically configure the curtain for Velcro™ tape attachment. When you order tracking hardware, we configure the curtain for tracking attachment.

If you don’t have a nasty little biting fly called a no-see-um, order mosquito mesh. No-see-ums are smaller than gnats or black flies. If you don’t know what a no-see-um is, you probably don’t have them in your area. Our No-see-um Netting Mesh is stunningly gorgeous, but is denser and catches the wind more. The Standard Mosquito Netting Curtain is great quality and we have used it exclusively for our first 5 years of operation. Standard Mosquito Netting Mesh has an average life of 4 to 6 years. The Heavy Mosquito Netting Mesh is incredibly durable and will have about 25% more life at 5 to 8 years. It looks nearly identical to our Standard Mosquito Netting, and is great for masonry and tough conditions. We have devoted an entire web page to this question. Please read here.

When you check out, you will be directed to a page where you enter shipping and billing information. On this page, there is a “comments box” where you can add any additional details or give us your views on life in general.

No. Optional curtain tracking hardware must be ordered on the online store. When you order tracking hardware, we configure your no-see-um or mosquito netting curtains for tracking attachment. If you do not order tracking hardware, we assume the curtains will be hung by Velcro™ tape attachment. If you are a current customer re-ordering curtains and already have the tracking, you should specify in the “comments box” at checkout that the curtains should be configured for tracking.

We have created worksheet links on the PLAN page of the web site addressing most non-rectangular situations. Sometimes the irregularities can get quite complex. We will need enough geometry to replicate the cut. If the irregular cuts can be described easily over the phone, just give us a call. If the irregularities are complex, you can fax us a diagram at 770-645-4746. The best diagrams are simple diagrams. Imagine that you are standing on the interior of your space looking out into your yard. Start drawing your diagram from LEFT to RIGHT sort of like a timeline.

Yes, unless for some reason, you request otherwise, we will bind all sides with a 2″ webbing folded like a “taco” with netting tucked inside and double stitched. Raw mesh is simply fabric with no webbing at all.

Not unless you request it. Generally, this is only a good idea if you have aluminum or vinyl siding. Otherwise, we STRONGLY suggest marine snaps.

No. Outdoor curtains are different than indoor curtains and weights don’t work outdoors. It is far more effective to use marine snaps strategically placed at the base of the curtain. We have an entire page used to describe keeping the curtain secure. Read more. There are rare circumstances (mostly industrial) where we have added weights, but weights pose problems for residential applications. First they need to be very heavy to do any good, and you run the risk of getting whacked hard during a stiff wind. Weights make the curtain hang funny and drive the bottom into the floor wearing it quickly, lastly curtains don’t bunch very well when using the tracking. Fixed attachment using a few strategically placed marine snaps is definitely the sensible way to keep the bottom fixed.

Yes. For orders with Velcro™ tape attachment we provide white adhesive-backed hook Velcro™ tape equal to the width of your curtain. We send white by default since most trims are light colored and you only see the adhesive-backed hook Velcro™ tape when the curtains are down during the winter. If you have dark trim where the adhesive-backed Velcro™ tape will be placed, you may request black adhesive-backed Velcro™ tape in the “comments box” at checkout.

We can sew rod pockets that you may insert a rod into, but before you try this method, read on. We have tested everything known to man and have found that rods and picture hanging wire just don’t work. There is a sizable gap above the rod and rods will sag when they span over 6 ft. Once you correct the sagging with an intermediate bracket, the curtain will not flow past the bracket. We rarely make rod pockets and generally the curtains used on rods are purely decorative and are not used for insect protection. Our tracking is known and tested to be compatible with the mosquito netting curtains. We buy 6 miles of track at a time and offer it to you less expensively than you will find anywhere at less than $4/ft. If you would still like rod pockets, you must phone in the order.

We routinely make curtains larger than what you may see on the web site Our largest mosquito netting curtain panel to date has been 500ft wide x 38ft tall used as a warehouse partition. Call us, we’ll help you with how we can suit your needs.

No, but we can certainly make custom mosquito netting or no-see-um netting curtains for you. I wish we had better news, but unfortunately, the stores that sell these gazebo kits lead you to believe you can buy replacement netting, but they are ALL eternally out of stock (best chance is at The good news is that ours are of much better quality, but they cost about $550.

Despite the fact we make custom Mosquito Netting curtains, we are lightning fast. Orders are generally sent out in 1-3 days, and delivery time depends on where you live relative to Atlanta, UPS, and The Lord God. Want to see a delivery map?

After ordering your first 8 panels, you will be directed to the shopping cart to view your entry. CLICK the “keep shopping” button and order more panels.

Please return it within 4 weeks for a full refund of your purchase price less shipping charges. See our guarantee.

Everything except the neodymium magnets. We loom, fabricate, and purchase everything else in the USA. We have not found a domestic supplier of neodymium magnets that offers product made in the USA. They resell foreign-made magnets, too.

While we have a patent on our methods, there should be no one that does what we do the way we do it. WE ARE THE SOURCE FOR CORRECT ANSWERS, which is why we have no problem sharing what the competition does.


There are some beautiful porch screening systems out there that we’ve seen at trade shows. Try “Phantom Screens”, “Easy” or “Reel Screen”, “Mirage Screens” for some nifty systems that will even work by remote control. It’s expensive, but pretty impressive. “Kittymac” makes garage screens in pre-packaged sizes, but we have not seen their product first hand and it is not machine washable. For cheap bed nets and umbrella netting, try “” For simple doorways “mirage screens” are a cheap but cheap product that in our opinion works reasonably well and is well priced if a one-size fits all method works and you have absolutely no wind. For cheap gazebo nets (both price and quality) try “”


We did have a couple come into our office under false pretenses. We later learned they owned a $5MM business and wanted to poach our methods and ideas and offer a competing product. When we noticed them trying to video tape and writing notes, we knew something was fishy and ushered them out of our production area. Wouldn’t you know it, they started using OUR photos and our exact methods. They offered a price just below ours. If this is the type of business who will make you happy, by all means, have at it. We want you happy, even if it means going elsewhere. You’ll be back!

I’m sorry, but we protect the privacy of our clients. Would you want some stranger coming over to your house? I wouldn’t send a stranger to a client’s house without a full background check (both ways). Unfortunately, it’s the world we live in and I would rather miss a sale than have some unforeseen event occur.

We don’t ever share ANY client information. If you would like a sample package of the netting, please email us with your address. We are an internet business and do not have physical stores. This keeps our prices low. We can appreciate that it may be a bit daunting to make large purchases online for a product you’ve never had the opportunity to touch and feel. If you need that warm and fuzzy feeling, call us or read about us.

No. We have adjusted the hole count on the Heavy Mesh to 230 holes per square inch to make the Heavy Mesh appear identical to the Standard Mesh at 270 holes per inch. You can feel a difference but there is absolutely no noticeable difference in either visibility or air flow.

After You’ve Ordered

Orders with tracking come in 2 boxes that typically arrive same day. Every now and then, the boxes to arrive on different days.

Curtains like to be washed at least once a year to remove any dirt. Washing your curtains will extend the life of your curtains. A great time to do so is when the bug season is over. Most folks give them a good rinsing with a hose while they are hanging.  For a deeper clean, soak them in the bath tub with a light detergent and line dry.  Do not put them in a dryer.


Yes. There is value helping clients plan and install mosquito netting curtains. You may direct prospective clients to which has only our photo gallery and no company information or pricing. We have discovered from repetitive orders that several individuals around the world are active resellers. They simply purchase from us and resell at a higher price for their planning and installation services. Anyone can do it without ever letting us know. If you resell more than 4 curtains, we can discuss a modest price concession and ways to purchase some items in bulk.


You want to minimize the number of panels whenever possible. Introduce a new panel only where you need a doorway, have an obstruction, or are trying to create a certain swagging configuration. Velcro™ attachment panels can be as wide as you like. Also, mosquito netting curtains using tracking attachment can get too wide and difficult to pull around a track. Try to keep tracking attachment curtain panels less than 30 feet wide (8 meters).


Keep this theme in mind. Your curtains need to be wider than your actual exposure so that you can seal the sides. In addition, we are working with textiles so there is a bit of variance in what you will receive (usually plus or minus 1″ per 10ft of width). The heights, we generally get spot on.

  • Width Adjustment: We recommend adding 3″ per panel + 1″ per 10ft of width.
  • Height Adjustment: No adjustment for tracking / 2″ taller than your exposed opening for Velcro Attachment.

Typically this is only relevant when a curtain panel turns a corner. Velcro attachment generally uses an outside hang (a path around the OUTSIDE of support columns) while tracking attachment generally uses an inside hang.


Curtains are installed with minimal home improvement skills. Can you stand on a ladder and hold a drill? If the answer is yes, you’re in business. Most describe it as a fun little half day project. Initial Curtain installation is about 1 hour per 12 feet of curtain for tracking attachment and about 1 hour per 20ft for Velcro™ tape attachment. Subsequent reattachments take about 20 minutes per 20ft of curtain.


For tracking attachment, you will need a ladder, a drill, a metal file, a hacksaw and a hammer. For Velcro Velcro™ tape attachment, a ladder, a drill, a staple gun, and a hammer. If you are placing marine snaps into masonry, you will need a 5/16″ masonry drill bit and a plastic plug available at any hardware store. That’s all!

We emphasize that the product is easy to self install; however, if you are not so inclined, any handyman can easily handle the installation. This product was designed to enable a novice to create a screen porch enclosure.

  • Width Adjustment: We recommend adding 3″ per panel + 1″ per 10ft of width.
  • Height Adjustment: No adjustment for tracking / 2″ taller than your exposed opening for Velcro Attachment.

The tracking is designed to be under mounted; however you can always side mount a wood strip and then undermount the track to the wood strip. Review

No. Our tracking isn’t designed that way and you would only trip over floor tracking.

Great question. First, early on we tried to do this for customers but it is far more complicated than it may seem. Imagine a customer says, “Put marine snaps on the left side of the curtain.” Is that left from an interior perspective or outside perspective? Do snap sockets face in or face out? Do you need them spaced closely for wind, or do you need only a few to make the panel easier to open? How tall is the lady of the house? (same issue for magnets)? At times, this seemingly simple communication exchange could take up to 20 minutes.


When marine snaps are placed, they are more or less permanent (can be romved carefilly with wire cutters). What happens if we don’t precisely fulfill the clients request do to miscommunication? Do they send it back? Do we have to resend a new panel? What if it is going international?


Direct online orders (currently 50% of all orders) become impossible and guess what happens to the price? Up 30% for a task that takes just a few minutes. It isn’t that the task itself would drive the higher price, it’s the extra sales staffing, errors, shipping, waste due to a huge potential for miscommunication.


These items aren’t difficult to place. In fact, we have a video of a 9-year old showing you how. It is easy. Yet, a rare few clients who don’t read websites before making purchases get very indignant that the curtains don’t come with the fasteners pre-installed. We don’t hide the fact that clients install these items and if this task is not for you, then we understand, but this product is not for you.

Special Situations

You will need to phone in the geometry and we will help you. Give us a call at 770-884-7705.

It depends on the situation. Email us with your situation, and we will provide guidance. Our most durable material is our double thread weight HEAVY mosquito netting mesh. The question is getting an animal proof seal. Wood floors really help so that marine snaps can be used liberally every 4ft.

Check out some of our screened in deck ideas (open deck with no covered roof).

Our track is pre-bent using a 12in. radius. If you have a broader arc with a wider radius, check out this alternative track at

Not any more. There are other companies who specialize in this sort of thing like garden If you are after super quality, try . It is one of those You get what you pay for products at around $900ish. It is well thought out and easy to use. Excellent quality. If you want a cheap quality umbrella net, then try It is inexpensive, but some client feedback has been that even at $60-90, it was a waste of money and you are lucky if it lasts a full season. We want you happy, even if it’s with another dance partner.

No. However, we highly recommend the folks at Southern Patio Enclosures who only work on Commercial Applications.

Delivery Time

Your custom made curtain panels will ship out via UPS in 1-4 days depending upon complexity. The map shows time in transit. Sometimes, we send USPS to Alaska and Hawaii as it often arrives faster. We do NOT require a signature.


Transit times are 3 days to Ontario and up to 7 days to BC. When you order, we will charge you GST/HST and then pay these taxes along with any brokerage fees on your behalf. The price estimator does not make these calculations, though they are what you would expect in your province.

Transit times are generally 5 -14 business days and the carrier is determined based on cost as our actual shipping costs exceed what you will be charged. You will pay customs fees upon arrival.

For international orders, we strongly encourage you to email us a digital photo prior to ordering so that we can ensure the accuracy of your order.