Garage Door Screen Enclosures​

Garage Door Screen Enclosures​

Modular Mosquito Netting Panels custom-made to fit any space. One system, limitless applications.

Custom Kits

Modular panels custom made to your exact size requirements.

Delivered Fast

Delivered at lightning speed in 6-10 business days (US/CA).

High Quality

Exceptional Marine-grade quality materials made to last.

DIY Install

DIY installation in an afternoon with simple tools and fasteners.

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Mesh types, top attachments & usability.

Instant Quote

Get an estimate within 5% of actual cost.


Our team will help plan your project!

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Client Installed Projects

More Information About Garage Doors

Custom-fitted Garage Door Screens

Tired of Cheaply made products that are difficult to use? Mosquito Curtains offers custom-made, marine-grade quality retractable garage door screens that are made to last. Choose from a variety of options including an overhead tracking system that enables you to easily open your garage door screen curtains. We may not be the lowest price, but we are certainly the best value for the quality and usability you will appreciate.

Privacy Looking In

Clear Looking Out

Tracking Available

Custom Shapes

Multiple Mesh Options

Mosquito, No-See-Um, Shade/Privacy

Tracking Available

Allows you to slide your screen side to side

Simple Installation

Or any handyman can do it for you

3 Retractable Garage Door Options Explained

Screen Door For Garage Option 1

Option 1


This is probably our favorite configuration with the doorway to one side for a seamless look. Tracking is mounted to the underside of your header beam flush with the most exterior edge. Tracking enables you to slide the main panel to one side. Main panel can either be on left or right when you install.

Garage Screen Door Option 2

Option 2


Tracking is mounted to the underside of your header beam flush with the most exterior edge. Tracking enables you to slide each garage screen panel to one side. This is essentially the same as Option 1 but with a center magnetic doorway.
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Option 3


This solution is not on a track and therefore not capable of sliding. The screen is top-attached using Velcro. You can unzip the side and roll it up for storage and even remove the screens by pulling it off the Velcro attachments.

  • Unzips and rolls up for fast storage
  • Cheaper alternative to tracking solutions
  • Detaches from Velcro attachments for easy removal

Possible Panel Configurations

Your project will consist of 1 or more panels. The diagrams below demonstrate a few possibilities from a side view using marine snaps, magnetic doorways, and stucco strips.

Garage Door Projection Screens

Yep, we make those too for the ultimate caveman who wants a giant Garage Door Projection Screens to project movies in the man cave.

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Winter Panels For All-Season Garage Room

Turn that Garage into a three-season room with clear vinyl winter panels that are easily interchangeable with our garage door screens.

Our Integrity Saves You Money

We have a corny slogan internally that we make people happy and then make garage screen enclosure solutions that they will brag to their friends about. If you receive your product and it it not right, we will fix it immediately. If you open the box and simply don’t like what you see, we will refund your purchase (less shipping). In our world, no dollar is worth the price of honor. We are a small American family business and we are teaching out children that “work is good.”
We believe we can produce a quality product that will make people happy, earn a living, and leave work each day with our heads up knowing that we fulfilled that promise. Call us and you will hear unflinching passion. You’ll want to join over 53,000 others that are now part of our family of satisfied clients.
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What Makes Our Garage Door Screens Different?

We realize that you have alternatives and want to know what differentiates our system from others. We want you to have what is right for you, even if you decide to purchase elsewhere. There are cheap one-size-fits-all products out there that are tissue paper thin that will do just fine for a season of two. There are fancy motorized systems that are quite impressive. Push a button and whoosh, up they go, if money is not a constraint. Some even have a framed system that closes like a garage door itself. It’s a clever idea until the frame gets bent by a kids bicycle accident. We shoot for marine-grade materials that you can conveniently slide from side to side at an affordable price!

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