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This page is designed to give you an overview of your options and a basic understanding of our simple attachment hardware. Use the “Dive Into Details” link on any section to see more on that topic.

  1. Choose Your Apron Color
  2. Choose Your Top Attachment Preference
  3. Understand Our Simple Attachment Hardware
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1. Know Your Mesh Type & Color

Your project will be made up of a series of mesh panels made from a mesh type and color of your choosing. There are three mesh types and three colors to choose from. Over 90 percent of orders choose Black Heavy Mosquito Mesh. The first exception is our Noseeum mesh where “No-seeum” biting flies are a problem. In this case, customers choose the No-seeum Mesh. The second exception is our Shade Mesh for those trying to create shade in their application.

Heavy Mosquito Mesh
(90% Choose This in Black)



Noseeum Mesh
(For Tiny Biting Flies)


Shade Mesh 
(For Shade & Projection)



Step 2. Two Top Attachment Options

Tracking – slides side-to-side

Velcro® (fixed) does NOT slide

3. Understand Our Simple Attachment Hardware

One of our biggest focal points is the ease of installation and usability of your curtain. For simple installation, we use a series of versatile components like marine snaps to allow you to attach to different surfaces. Our magnetic doorways allow you easy entry and exit between panels and at the edge of panels. Each of these videos is under 90 seconds. Watch them and you will understand most of what you need to know about how your curtains will operate.

Marine Snaps in under 90 Seconds

Magnetic Doorways in under 90 Seconds

Stucco Strips in under 90 Seconds

Congratulations! You're ready to plan your project!

Planner Assistance

This is the easiest option!
Want someone to handle the details and set up your order for you? Our planning team would love to help!
  • Help is complimentary, no extra cost
  • We have done this over 100,000 times
  • We use screen sharing software to assist
  • Our planners are not pushy, just helpful
  • We provide a custom shopping cart

Plan Your Own Project

This requires more work on your part.
Want to plan your own project without assistance? Use the planning section of our site for guidance.
  • Web pages provide planning tips
  • Pages provide configuration ideas
  • You perform your own calculations
  • You make your own panel adjustments
  • You prepare your own cart and order online

Want to see more before you get started?