Clear Vinyl Installation

There is a full installation video accompanied by a PDF guide that will take you through the entire installation process. We have also broken the installation video into each logical step below so you can easily watch as you go. The representative porch in this video demonstrates our important techniques.  Some of these techniques may not apply to your particular project.

(See additional videos below if you are mounting on track.)

We love showing off your DIY handy work!

When your installation is complete, please visit our client uploads page to upload photos and videos of your project!

Complete CV Velcro® Install 16:19

Intro & Tools 1:43

Step 1: Mounting The Velcro® 1:38

Step 2: Position Panels 1:09

Step 3: Mounting Panels 3:26

Step 4: Zipper Doorways 1:02

Step 5: Sealing Sides 4:03

Step 6: Belted Ribs 1:32

Step 7: Sealing The Base 1:05

Installation Overview 1:06

Additional Videos If You Are Mounting On Track

While most people use a Velcro® installation for clear vinyl, there are instances where tracking is utilized. Watch these additional videos if you are mounting your curtains on track!

Mounting Your Track 7:46

Snap Carriers 0:53

Caring For Your Curtains

Follow these simple guidelines to keep your curtains in great shape for years to come!

Other Helpful Videos

Troubleshooting for Wind 9:49

Panel to Panel Marine Snaps 3:09

Adhesive Back Marine Snaps 1:11

Elastic Cord/Belted Rib Alternative 3:49

Fiberglass Rod Clip 0:54

Roll Up Technique 4:47