Step 2. Two Top Attachment Options

  • Tracking Attachment allows you to slide curtains from side to side.
  • Velcro® Attachment is fixed in place and doesn’t slide.
  • Both are easy to install. Velcro® is less expensive (no track hardware).

Tracking – slides side-to-side

Velcro® (fixed) does NOT slide

Outdoor Curtain Tracking

Outdoor Curtain Tracking is like the old Hot Wheels track you may have played with as a kid. Curved tracking + Splices allow you to create virtually any track configuration for any desired length. Cut your final piece with an ordinary hacksaw. Tracking hardware must be ordered separately.

Tracking Page Video Thumbnail

Tracking Components (Available in Black or White)

7ft Straight Track

Outdoor tracking hardware

90 Degree Curve

Outdoor curved track

135 Degree Curve (Rare)


End Caps

More Information

Fixed Velcro® Attachment

Velcro® panels are fixed in place and do not slide. You can still enter and exit through magnetic doorways even though the top is stationary. Velcro is side-mounted to some surface as under-mounting is a weak hold.

We double-stitch Loop-sided Velcro to the top of your panel and provide Adhesive-backed hook to apply to your surface that you will reinforce with a staple gun every 12 inches.

See Actual Installation of Both Options

Rather than TELL how either outdoor curtain tracking or Velcro installation works, we’d rather SHOW you with an actual installation.
Tip: You can adjust play speed. Click “cog gear” in lower right of video to change play speed setting.

When You Do Not Have a Clear Mounting Path

  • Velcro® Attachment under-mount a wood strip to create a clear path to side mount panels to outer edge of wood strip.
  • Tracking (example to right) side-mount a wood strip to create a clear path and then under-mount track to wood strip
  • Hint: Home Depot sells synthetic molding made of white PVC composite that will not rot or split and can be painted.
Columns Interrupt Track Path
Side-mount Wood Strips For Clear Path