Mosquito Netting, No-see-um Mesh & Shade Fabric

mosquito netting


The Highest Quality Netting For Outdoor Use!

  • Lock Stitched - (Will NOT unravel when cut)
  • Jumbo Sizes - (Up to 12ft x 250yds)
  • Heavy Weight - (5x thicker than cheap netting)
  • Solution Dyed - (For maximum possible fade resistance)
  • Colors - (White, Black & Ivory. Fabric sold by linear ft)

If you want it to last, you're in the right place!

mosquito netting
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We offer jumbo size pieces of Mesh Netting Fabric for a variety of applications. In addition, we also offer custom made solutions where we custom-cut, bind all
edges with a sturdy webbing and offer an attachment kit with appropriate fasteners. This page is for raw netting fabric only. See our custom solutions here.

Quality Mosquito Netting

  (Black White & Ivory)
quality mosquito netting
  • Up to 144" wide x ANY length (by the ft)
  • Our most popular mesh for durability
  • Best visibility of all mesh types
  • 89% of customers choose this mesh

"No-see-um" Mesh

  (Black or White)
porch enclosure netting
New! Shade Fabric for Sun & Privacy   (Black or White)
shade fabric
  • Up to 123" wide x ANY length (by the ft)
  • This is a gorgeous material
  • Blocks 80% of sunlight.
  • Use for privacy, sun & insect protection.
  • Unusual weave makes hole count misleading
  • Detailed description of visual effects
Mesh Fabric Comparison Table
Max width
Max length
Holes/ sq inch
Weight / sq yd
2.9 oz
2.0 oz
5.0 oz
Hole size
1.7 x 0.8mm
0.6 x 0.6mm
Thread Denier*
Air flow
Clarity Black
Clarity White

* Thread Denier is the thread weight. Our heavy mosquito netting is lock stitched with an effective denier of 450 for our most popular heavy mosquito mesh.

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Mesh Fabric | We Don't Sell Cheap Quality Mosquito Netting!

Cheap Insect Netting? Sorry...NOT Us!
As a point of comparison, cheap mosquito netting mesh you may have seen on aluminum gazebos at home improvement stores is garbage. Fabric stores is really for indoor use only! I would rather strap myself to an ant hill and smear my ears with jam than to sell this to my good customers! The thread weight of this is about 70 denier and the stitch is over, under and then heat stamped. Our heavy mosquito netting mesh fabric is far heavier at 450 denier and made to last, yet is still flowy and soft. For ALL mesh fabric types, each time a row thread passes a column thread it is LOCK-stitched so that the squares non't shift and it WILL NOT unravel when cut. garbage mosquito netting

No-see-um, or Noseem Mesh Fabric

Only The Good Stuff!
The term "Noseeem" is spelled about 6 ways. The term has nothing to do with visibility, rather refers to a tiny biting fly about as big as a ridge and a half of your tiny that you can't see them. No-see-ums are NOT gnats or black flies. They are generally found within about 500yds of a large body of water or marsh.

Black is amazingly clear to see through despite the smaller holes and is often purchased as replacement screening when folks find they are still getting bit in their framed porch enclosures. It is the weakest of our netting mesh, yet the photo on the right shows our team lifting our beefiest 225lb sewer. We use this tighter weave for many applications including theater scrims, agricultural netting projects, and filter applications.
noseem netting

Shade Mesh Fabric | Privacy Porch Enclosures

Shade | Privacy Screen
What if there was a shade fabric that blocked 80% of the sunlight, yet had good visibility, Our shade fabric is so gorgeous and lushious you will want to take a bath in it. We use it to make porch enclosure curtains and overhead shade fabric. It was our response to expensive stiff PVC coated shades that you could barely see through.
privacy screens

Mosquito netting
Screen mesh
Mosquito netting
Screen mesh