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When We Will Recommend Another Provider

Essentially, we will recommend a competing product if we think their product will fulfill your objectives better than ours. Why? Unlike any other custom-made providers, we offer a NO REASON guarantee (full refund less all shipping costs) within a limited time. We do not sell what we believe won’t work, frankly because we don’t want to frustrate you, see our hard work tossed in a dumpster, and lose money at the same time. The good news is it almost never happens. That’s why folks trust us for solid answers. Here are circumstances:

More About Motorized Clear Vinyl Systems

We do not offer Motorized Clear Vinyl Systems because they do not fit our business model of self-install. They tend to cost about 8 times our price, but if you have that kind of money, they are fantastic if done right. Most are remote controlled with automatic wind sensors. Push a button and whoosh! up and down they go. Just remember that it is a mechanical system that takes strong wind loads. Make sure it is a robust mechanism or the required framing could bend and become inoperable. Also, as we’ve mentioned, clear vinyl is prone to shrinking in the very hot sun and motorized systems can tolerate very little little size variance. Ask a LOT of questions to your provider and vet them carefully.

We Really Do Want You Happy

Remember the good old days when business was about more than just parting customers from their wallets? Once upon a time there were craftsmen who self-actualized through the quality of their work and their reputations. That’s who we want to be! We want to be a reliable source for solid answers. It just makes us feel great at the end of each day.

Clear Vinyl Enclosures

Protect your porch or patio from winter weather with quality Clear Vinyl Enclosures made to last. Because we have a smarter design and ordering process, we can offer clear vinyl enclosures at a much lower cost.

Uses For Clear Vinyl Enclosures

Used in combination with a space heater, clear vinyl enclosures will insulate your outdoor space creating a cozy environment for you, your family, outdoor pets and plants that you do not want damaged by frost.