Clear Vinyl Plastic Porch & Patio Enclosures

Extend Your Seasons

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space When the Weather Doesn't Want You To

Seal your porch or patio with our affordable, marine grade, clear vinyl plastic winter panels, and enjoy your outdoor space in the wind, rain, snow, or cold. The panels (also available as retractable vinyl curtains) are easy to install, affordable, made in America, and shipped directly to your door within 2 weeks.

Custom Fit to Your Outdoor Space

Send us pictures of the area you want to enclose and we'll work closely with you to customize your vinyl panels so they fit tight around your space. Our custom designs ease the installation process, and guarantee that what we send you will fit.

Easy DIY Installation

If you're comfortable standing on a short ladder and working a drill, you are more than qualified to install your vinyl panels or curtains. Most of our customers describe the installation as a fun, few hour project.

Apron Color Options

The apron is the canvas portion at the bottom of the vinyl panel. Choose from 8 different canvas colors to match the aesthetic of your house or structure.

Mounting Options

Choose between Fixed (Velcro) Mount Vinyl Panels, or Retractable Mount Vinyl Curtains

Velcro Mount (Fixed): Our Velcro top attachment side-mounts to your hanging surface, and is further secured with marine snaps and grommets on L-screws. About 90% of our customers choose Velcro for clear vinyl applications.

Fixed Mount Vinyl Panels Details

Roman Shade Details

Track Mount (Retractable): The tracking under-mounts to some overhead surfaces. With this mount you can retract the vinyl panels, and pull them back into place in a matter of seconds.

Track Mount Vinyl Curtains Details

Heavy Track Details

Handling Corners

How to Get Started

Starting your porch or patio enclosure project is as easy as sending us some good photos of the area you want to enclose along with some simple measurements.

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"They were measured and sewn perfectly according to the measurments I provided. I was able to install the curtains in less than 6 hours TOTAL! The ordering proccess was a cinch, and the installation was equally easy."

- Steve W, Tennessee