2. Mesh Types For Screened Porch
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Quality Mosquito Netting Curtains

quality mosquito netting

Quality No-see-um Netting Curtains

screened porch enclosure
  • If you don't have noseeums, use heavy mesh
  • Blocks a tiny biting fly called a no-see-um
  • This mesh has NOTHING to do with visibility
  • Denser and must be secured better for wind.
  • This mesh has interesting optical qualities

  • New! Shade / Privacy Curtains

    screened porch
  • Gorgeous material but a "heavy look"
  • Blocks 80% of sunlight.
  • Use for privacy, sun & insect protection.
  • Unusual weave makes hole count misleading
  • Detailed description of visual effects

  • Mesh Mosquito No-see-um Shade
    Clients Choose 89% 11% different
    Max height 12 ft 10 ft 10 ft
    Max width 150 ft 150 ft 150 ft
    Holes / sq inch 230 800 n/a
    Weight / sq yd 2.9 oz 2.0 oz 5.0 oz
    Hole size 1.7 x 0.8mm 0.6 x 0.6mm n/a
    Thread denier* 450 225 550
    Air flow 85% 65% 40%
    Clarity black 98% 94% more info
    Clarity white 60% 50% 20%
    * Thread Denier is the thread weight. Our heavy mosquito netting is lock stitched with an effective denier of 450 for our most popular heavy mosquito mesh. As a point of comparison, the netting you see on aluminum gazebos at home improvement stores is about 90 denier.
    black mosquito netting fabricNo-see-um / Mosquito

    Mesh Fabric | We Don't Sell Cheap Quality Netting!

    As a point of comparison, cheap netting mesh curtains you may have seen on aluminum gazebos at home improvement stores is garbage! I would rather strap myself to an ant hill and smear my ears with jam than to sell this to my good customers! The thread weight of this is about 70 denier and the stitch is over, under and then heat stamped. Our heavy mosquito netting mesh fabric is far heavier at 450 denier and made to last, yet is still flowy and curtain-like for your porch enclosure. For ALL mesh fabric types, each time a row thread passes a column thread it is LOCK-stitched so that the squares won't shift and it WILL NOT unravel when cut.

    Despite the heavy weight, all fabrics are vulnerable to sharp objects and very hot items like gas blowers for gardening or drunk uncle Herman's cigar. Dogs who are chewers will have a fun time shredding even Levi's, so sharp teeth have no problems with our net porch enclosures. Lastly, don't be tempted to buy cotton mosquito netting. While it looks very pretty out of the box, it snags in an instant and mildews quickly. All our products are made of polyester which is the best outdoor material for weather.

    Cheap Quality?

    screened porch mosquito netting

    Sorry...NOT Us!

    No-see-um, or Noseem Mesh Fabric

    The term "Noseeem" is spelled about 6 ways. The term has nothing to do with visibility, rather refers to a tiny biting fly about as big as a ridge and a half of your fingerprint...so tiny that you can't see them. No-see-ums are NOT gnats or black flies. They are generally found within about 500yds of a large body of water or marsh. Our no see-um netting mesh is denser and catches the wind more. It is a heavier look and needs to be better secured which is why we recommend the "heavy mosquito mesh" for porch enclosures if you don't have this type of biting insect.

    Black is amazingly clear to see through despite the smaller holes and is often purchased as replacement screening when folks find they are still getting bit in their framed porch enclosures. It is the weakest of our netting mesh, yet the photo on the right shows our team lifting our beefiest 225lb sewer. We use this tighter weave for many applications other than porch enclosures with this mesh including theater scrims, agricultural netting projects, screened porches and filter applications.

    Only the Good Stuff!

    screened porch netting

    Shade Mesh Fabric | Screened Porch Enclosures

    What if there was a fabric that blocked 80% of the sunlight, yet had good visibility, AND doubled as a screened porch enclosure? Our shade fabric is so gorgeous and luscious you will want to take a bath in it. It was our response to expensive stiff PVC coated shades that you could barely see through.

    Visibility depends upon light differential. When light is on the opposite side of the shade curtain, you can see out very well. When light is behind you, visibility is poor. On your screened porch, it is a very heavy look, almost like Adam's Family, so see these photos. However, the effect might suit you as a privacy screen porch enclosure shielding you from nosy neighbors. It is by far our strongest material, yet silky to the touch. The fabric was so well received, we are introducing white shade mesh this season, for thicker porch enclosure curtains, outdoor projection screens, and theater scrims.

    Shade | Privacy

    screened porch

    Customer Performance Review | Hail Storm

    "On Wednesday this week, we had just left with some friends to go out for supper when an "unexpected" hail storm hit.   We had visions of the roof panel ripped to shreds. All I could think about was having to replace the screens.

    We got back home about  2 hours later and to our surprise and "RELIEF"  there were no holes or rips anywhere!!!  As you can see in the pictures, the piles of hail must have been pretty big right after the storm.  It was around 80 degrees so the hail had 2 hours to melt. Your netting is definitely "Heavy Duty".

    Hail Nets?

    screened porch

    Traditional Screened Porch | Your Alternative

    To date, a screened in porch involved framing, painting and stapling screening that you have to live with your whole life. Our screened in porch alternative is elegant, super quality and still affordable. We have a good quality product and we are proud of our work. Sure, there will be times we make mistakes, but we fix them promptly so that folks like you can enjoy an elegant screened porch enclosure at a good value. We love our work because we know we have a great product.

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