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We have shipped over 50,000 custom orders to people all over the world! We are excited to assist you with your custom clear vinyl enclosure and want to make the process quick and easy. This page is designed to prepare you for an online planning session! In a few short minutes, you’ll be informed of your options and ready to have a productive session with an experienced planner.

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Canvas Color Options

Ashen Gray
Cocoa Brown
Royal Blue
Chocolate Brown
Moss Green
Forest Green
Sandy Tan
No Canvas
Top Attachment

Top Attachment Types

There are 2 main top attachment types. Tracking and Velcro®. Velcro® is fixed at the top and doesn’t slide. A tracking installation allows you to open your curtains sliding them side to side. Both are simple to install, but your planner will likely advise a Velcro® top attachment for usability.

Velcro Installation
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Tracking Installation
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Doorways and Fasteners

Doorways & Fasteners

One of our biggest focal points is the ease of installation and usability of your curtain. For simple installation, we use a series of versatile components like L screws and marine snaps to allow you to attach to different surfaces. Our zipper doorways allow you easy entry and exit between panels and at the edge of panels. The marine Snap Video is under 90 seconds. Watch it and you will understand most of what you need to know about how your curtains will operate.

L-Screws, Grommets, & Marine Snaps
Marine Snaps
Zipper Doorways (Hover Over Image)
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A Smarter Ordering Process


One way we keep our costs down is to make a smarter product that YOU can fully operate because YOU initially installed it. The other way we keep your cost down is a smarter ordering process. We don’t waste time on physical house calls. Instead we conduct a virtual house call that eliminates a huge cost and unnecessary hassle. Or did you really want a pressure salesman you don’t know meeting you at the house with the cost of his missed deals built into your price? Thought not.

Planning sessions average 20 minutes.
We will answer all questions and place your order for you.

No need to measure prior to sending photos.
We will show you HOW to measure in the planning session.

No need to ask questions until we see photos.
Answers will depend upon your particular project.

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