Prepare for Your Clear Vinyl Planning Session

During high season, we are extremely busy and really need our clients prepared. Below is the basic information you should know to make our planning session, together, as efficient as possible.

  1. Know Your Apron Color
  2. Know Your Top Attachment Preference
  3. Understand Our Simple Attachment Hardware

1) Know your Apron Color

Your project will be made up of a series of panels made from a combination of clear vinyl and our high quality canvas material. See the colors below for a refresher.

Ashen Gray
Cocoa Brown
Royal Blue
Navy (New)
Moss Green
Forest Green
Sandy Tan
No Canvas
Only for Panels < 78in tall

2. Know Your Top Attachment Preference

There are 2 main top attachment types. Velcro® and Tracking. For Clear Vinyl enclosures, Velcro® is the dominant choice among clients and what we recommend in most cases. Velcro® is fixed at the top and doesn’t slide. A tracking installation allows you to open your curtains sliding them side to side. Both are simple to install.

Velcro Installation

Tracking Installation

3. Understand Our Simple Attachment Hardware

One of our biggest focal points is the ease of installation and usability of your curtain. For simple installation, we use a series of versatile components like marine snaps and L-screws to allow you to attach to different surfaces. Watch the quick videos below if you haven’t seen them to see the installation process.

Complete Installation 16:19

Marine Snaps in under 90 Seconds