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Garage Screens

Garage Screens

  • Mosquito, no-see-ums & privacy/shade mesh types
  • Substantial, durable, marine-grade materials that will not fade
  • Overhead tracking enables you to slide from side-to-side
  • Interchangeable with our Clear Vinyl Winter Panels

We offer custom-made high quality screen enclosures for porches and garages. Whether your garage has one door or multiple, is irregular shaped, or you want to block out bugs, the sun, or both we got you covered. Not only is our product extremely high quality but our solution is cost effective - a typical 16ft garage is $320-$400.

Small Family Business
Made in USA
Satisfaction Guarantee

What Makes Our Garage Screens Different?

We realize that you have alternatives and want to know what differentiates our system from others. We want you to have what is right for you, even if you decide to purchase elsewhere. There are cheap one-size-fits-all products out there that are tissue paper thin that will do just fine for a season of two. There are fancy motorized systems that are quite impressive. Push a button and whoosh, up they go, if money is not a constraint. Some even have a framed system that closes like a garage door itself. It's a clever idea until the frame gets bent by a kids bicycle accident. We shoot for marine-grade materials that you can conveniently slide from side to side at an affordable price!

  • Substantial, durable, marine-grade materials that will not fade
  • Mosquito, no-see-ums & privacy/shade mesh types
  • Overhead tracking enables you to slide from side-to-side
  • Interchangeable with our Clear Vinyl Winter Panels
  • Custom-made to the inch because one size doesn't always fit all
  • We offer a white projection material for movies and bugs
  • Our custom system can be used for other projects like a porch, pergola, gazebo, under-deck, roofless-deck, awning, and more

For the Ultimate Man Cave?

What if you could keep the bugs out AND watch movies on a large garage door screen? This year, we are introducing a denser white mesh that with (now) a $600 3200 lumen projector will produce surprising resolution.

Give us a call at 866-622-0916 if interested

Clear Vinyl Winter Panels

These panels enable you to enjoy a warm space during the cooler months of the year. Both Garage Door Screens and Clear Vinyl Winter Panels use the same fasteners making them interchangeable.

Learn more about Clear Vinyl Winter Panels

Our Integrity Saves You Money

We have a corny slogan internally that we make people happy and then make enclosure solutions that they will brag to their friends about. You will not be signing approval forms with fine print disclosures. If you receive your product and it it not right, we will fix it immediately. If you open the box and simply don't like what you see, we will refund your purchase (less shipping) and donate it to a worthy cause. In our world, no dollar is worth the price of honor. We are a small American family business and we are teaching out children that "work is good".

We believe we can produce a quality product that will make people happy, earn a living, and leave work each day with our heads up knowing that we fulfilled that promise. Call us and you will hear unflinching passion. You'll want to join over 43,000 others that are now part of our family of satisfied clients.

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