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Boat Screens



boat screening boat enclosures marine nettingSome houseboats have a porch on the boat and are relatively easy for us as the exposures are often rectangular with on occaisional angle or two. Email us a digital photo of your project showing as much as possible.

Sail Boats and Cruisers

boat nettingbimini screensboat screen enclosureThis is where it gets very tricky as many shapes are very odd. At times, not only are the cuts unusual, but the surfaces are often not even a planar, having a three dimensional bubble. The best way to get a perfect fit is to hire a boat outfitter who will come on site and fit panels much like a tailor might fit a suit. He chalks you up, and if it doesn't fit, he will modify it. We are not boat outfitters and must do our work from Atlanta which is nearly impossible. If you are looking for that perfect fit, we sell our marine quality raw netting to boat outfitters all the time for these types of projects. In both these instances, clients mailed us a template and we put it all together for them.

Compromised Solution

sail boat screeningClear Vinyl Plastic boats When netting panels are too big, they function just fine, but look a little baggy. Getting caught short on size is a BIG problem and it just doesn't work. If you are okay with NOT having a perfect fit, email us some photos and we'll try to help.

The Practical and Least Expensive Approach

Think of your boat net from a practical point of view. Likely, you aren't trying to win any beauty contest, you just want to be able to enjoy a cold drink on your boat as the sun sets without biting insects ruining your good time. Sometimes simplest is best. Just throw a large netting sheet over your bimini and tie it off. An old boyscout trick is to drape the netting over a golf ball, tie a slip knot, and then tie the other end to anything you want like an improvised weight or tie it off to available rigging. It is easy, faster than sorting through panels and aligning all the snaps, and relatively inexpensive. When you are finished, fold it like a large sheet and stow.

The question is, How big of a sheet do you need? You need to go up and over the bimini and overlap the floor. Measure from top of floor, stern to bow over the bimini at its longest distance and then add 2-3ft for overlap. Do the same port to starboard and tell us the dimension of the rectangle. This is quality netting that will not unravel when cut and uses the same solution dyed process that Sunbrella uses on their fabrics for maximum fade resistance. Give us a call with your boat model and we'll look it up on line. We will talk you through the process.

mosquito netting

mosquito netting