Dear Martha Stewart

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March 20, 2007

Dear Martha,

I would love to share how our “Martha Stewart” approach to solving a common problem has resulted in the inspiration of a simple invention and a budding e-commerce family business.

First, God bless Martha Stewart! You have contributed so much to home, family and living life more beautifully! You are an idol and icon for women that value all those very things you promote. You have gained us respect and appreciation, and even proved we weren’t insane for seeking perfection. This I know from personal experience, the first time I heard the name, Martha Stewart, one December.

I’ll never forget my mother bursting into the house with a magazine lampooning Martha Stewart hot gluing branches on the Christmas tree. You see, for years my mother had been making my father drill holes in the trunk and wire extra branches to the trees to make them perfect. Fully aware of the satire on Martha, she made us understand that perfection was worth striving for. We five kids laughed hysterically while my mother stood there with a knowing smirk.

It was growing up with this constant ingenuity that inspired my husband and me to solve a problem in a simple way. Our home in Atlanta resembles some of the old Victorian farmhouses dotting the outer shores of Long Island with a broad porch, gingerbread trim, and cedar shingles. It’s our porch with beckoning breezes and filtered sun that we love most. The porch is our family sanctuary where we gather to sing to dad’s guitar, play games, tell tales, reading, and young masterpiece paintings. Almost all gatherings with family and friends are lured to the porch. However, Atlanta’s warm mosquito season and the advent of West Nile virus drove us to invent.

We had failed with mosquito magnets, citronella candles, bug zappers, and chemical sprays and my husband urged me to resign myself to expensive and ugly permanent screening as our only recourse. But, the idea of paying thousands of dollars for a permanent eye sore was not appealing! Inspired by pioneers like you and my own never give up mother, I was convinced we could create a solution. After years of watching you show us simple, inexpensive, clever, and always attractive solutions to make the house a most inviting home, we came up with “Mosquito Curtains”.

These elegant netting curtains are custom made to fit a multitude of outdoor needs. They are simple, removable, washable and easy to self-install. Now we have a porch that is even more attractive and it is now protected from preying pests. The Mosquito Curtains come in White, Ivory, and Black and can be gathered in graceful swags at the porch pillars or removed entirely with almost no effort. It has been five years since we made our first curtains. Their durability has been proven as they have withstood stormy weather, rambunctious pets and swarms of children. In 2006, we proudly advertised in Martha Stewart Living.

We would love to send you some Mosquito Curtains for your enjoyment at one of your lovely homes as a sign of our appreciation for what you have shared with us and so many others over the years, but also to share what we believe to be a “Good Thing”. I have also promised my daughter and husband that I would mention to you that they both have special recipes that they would love to share with you. My 8yr old daughter, Isabella, makes her own version of pancakes we call “Bella Cakes”, with a few secret ingredients that she will be happy to share. My husband, Kurt, makes a ceviche that impresses my Peruvian relatives.

Requests are now coming from around the globe and we continue to test new ideas. Our customers are reporting back with delighted thanks and glowing praise of our unique fabric and attention to detail. Please visit the photo gallery on our website to see the fruits of your inspiration and our determination

Looking forward to a meeting in the future and all my best,

Elizabeth Jordan

(Co-Owner of Mosquito Curtains)