Garage Screen Kits
Ideas for insects, privacy, & man cave projection screens


screened in garage doorwarehouse bay door screensWhether you are covering a 40ft wide warehouse loading dock or a "barn shaped" single car garage, there are two methods of attachment. You can either use a fixed top attachment using a combination of velcro and marine snaps or we offer an overhead tracking system that enables you to slide curtains from side to side. We offer Garage netting panels in top marine grade quality materials including mosquito mesh, no-see-um mesh and even a white projector screen material for the man of the cave.

Garage Screen Tracking Attachment

garage screenscreen in garage door Tracking attachment enables you to slide your curtain from side to side. Track mounts to the underside of the header beam flush with the most exterior edge. Curtains run past the exterior side frames and fasten using marine snaps. Most clients will order a single panel that slides to one side for a seamless look.

Others will split the panels and create a center magnetic doorway. See our example of a French door which is conceptually identical. You can easily order these directly online by following these 7 steps. Make sure that you make important measurement adjustments described in step 7.

For a 2-car garage including fastening hardware and tracking:
  • A single mesh panel = $339 + shipping
  • 2 split mesh panels with a center magnetic door = $390 + shipping

Garage Screen Fixed Attachment

You can either use a single panel for the entire door that you remove each time the curtain is not in use and can be ordered directly online following these 7 steps.

Alternatively, you can improvise a roll up system much like a "Roman shade". The Video to the right demonstrates how to create your own roman shade using clear vinyl winter panels, and the method works even easier with mesh nets.

If you are using a Roman shade AND you would like a center doorway, we cannot us the magnet doorway due to stiff fiberglass rods that will not roll. Instead, if you call in your order we can create a zippered doorway. You can be prepared with the inside height and width of just the hole itself from inside frame to inside frame and underside of header to top of floor. NOTE: We do not send long PVC tubes since they are readily available locally and cost a fortune to ship so you will need to buy these locally.

For a 2-car garage including tracking hardware:
  • A single seamless mesh panel (limited access out one side) = $270 + shipping
  • Split mesh panels with a center zipper (easy access and rigged for Roman shade) = $335 + shipping
  • Single panel, projecton/insect screen (below) = $305

Garage Door Projection Screen?

What if you could keep the bugs out AND watch movies on a large screen. This year, we are introducing a denser white mesh that with a $645 3200 lumen projector will produce surprising resolution. While all methods above will work, and only the mesh is different ($25 more expensive than the above prices). We recommend a fixed seamless attachment since you can get the screen more taut for better viewing. The Roman shade method will work for a 16ft wide panel but it takes a little more time and care to raise the screen and access is limited to one side. A zippered center would make for a big vertical seam in your movie. For now, you will need to call in orders. You can be prepared with height and width of daylight opening.

Clear Vinyl Winter Panels

screen porch 11 screen porch 12Are more expensive than our mesh panels and orders must be taken by phone. These panels enable you to enjoy a warm space during the cooler months of the year. Both Mosquito Curtains and Clear Vinyl Winter Panels use the same fasteners making them interchangeable.

Clear Vinyl "Roll Up" Attachment

Fixed "Roll Up" Projection Screen

View Of Projection From Inside