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Why Us?

Why Mosquito Curtains For Clear Vinyl Winter Panels

Remember the good old days when a promise actually meant something and you could depend upon someone to do quality work? We want to resurrect that old-fashioned ethic that a promise is as good as gold and that products will last because they were made by craftsmen who care about their work.  We want to solve your problem so you and yours can spend more quality time outdoors.  We want you to then tell your friends what a great experience we provided for you.

Kurt's Story

Here is why we think we deserve your business:

Smarter Design Saves You Money 

  • Unlike our competition, our attachment hardware is not clunky and complicated. Our focus is on delivering lasting quality with a simpler, more effective design that is less invasive to your architecture and gives you more control. 
  • We use high quality materials. We only use marine-grade UV protected thread that is 3x more expensive for us. 
  • We only use high quality fabrication methods. We add reinforcement prior to stitching so that the plastic won’t perforate and blow a seam.  You will never see it or even know it is there because it is hidden beneath the seam. 

Some of these differences will go unnoticed by our clients, but we know what kind of difference it makes and it MATTERS, particularly years from now when our panels outlast the competition!  We know you are depending upon us to act in your best interest.  We take that confidence very seriously.  If we knew how to make a better product, we would already be doing it whether clients appreciated it or not.


Larger Clear Vinyl Panels Provide Better Viewing and Saves You Money

Clear Vinyl is commonly produced in 54” rolls because it requires enormous machine pressure to produce.  We have figured out how to produce 72” wide goods while still maintaining 20mil thickness and double polished marine-grade clarity.  What this means to you is a taller window for better viewing and less canvas filler that is far more expensive than the clear vinyl itself.  In addition, it means that there is less required sewing on our part and a major reason why we are less expensive than our competitors. 


Easier Planning & Quoting Saves You Money

We don’t need to visit your home to plan a project.  Let’s face it; do you really want to schedule someone, you don’t know, to come to your home and make you feel obliged to them?  We don’t have to make costly house calls and we will never pressure you to purchase.  Our planners are instructed to always act in the best interest of the client even if it means directing them to a more appropriate or less expensive solution.

Here are the steps:

  1. We have you email us photos and conduct a planning session that is more like a virtual house call. We’ll draw on your photos and identify key measurements that we need.
  2. Once we receive the measurements we’ll work with you to assemble a custom order.
  3. You will receive your order in 2 weeks or less.
  4. Easily install your Clear Vinyl Enclosure on your own with just a few household tools.


Install and Remove On Your Own

How does self-installation benefit you?  You get to know your product during installation and we have made installation very easy.  Should your project require more hardware to stabilize it in the wind, you will already know just what to do to improve performance.  When it comes time to remove or rehang your panels, you know exactly what to do and won’t require professional help.


Our Integrity Saves You Money

We have a corny slogan internally that we make people happy and then make enclosure solutions that they will brag to their friends about.  You will not be signing approval forms with fine print disclosures.  If you receive your product and it is not right, we will fix it immediately.  If you open the box and simply don’t like what you see, we will refund your purchase (less shipping) and donate it to a worthy cause.  In our world, no dollar is worth the price of honor.  We are a small American family business and we are teaching our children that “work is good”. 

We believe we can produce a quality product that will make people happy, earn a living, and leave work each day with our heads up knowing that we fulfilled that promise.  Call us and you will hear unflinching passion.  You'll want to join over 43,000 others that are now part of our family of satisfied clients.

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