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Making our customers happy is our goal.  We often receive photos of our Clear Vinyl Enclosures from our satisfied customers once they finish installation.  We proudly display them here on our website.  Read below to see what our customers have to say and how they describe their experiences with us.  We would love to work with you too!


"Hey guys, Great job on the arches. Thought we'd share these photos with you for the website. We are really happy now that we can use this space year round. Our neighbors should be calling in an order soon. Michelle."

Entertainment Pavilion North Dakota

"Thanks for the curtains...you will be getting more work up here. They liked them so much, they want vinyl to cover our sound booth and perhaps the back of this structure."


"WOWSERRRRRR! I placed my order and received my custom curtains in less than 10 business days. They were measured and sewn perfectly according to the measurements I provided. I was able to install the curtains in less than 6 hours TOTAL! The ordering process was a cinch and the installation was equally easy. I highly recommend THIS company to anyone that is considering putting up some easy to use patio curtains. The product is very nice looking, extremely durable, and the workmanship is TOP-NOTCH!. You will not find a more qualified and buyer-friendly bunch than the folks at Mosquito Curtains!"


British Columbia

"Hello Kurt, Here are some pictures.  I really enjoy the look of the room plus it blocks the cold when I open the back door. Great plus! Eve"


Winterized Screened Porch

"I live in northern Illinois and my home is in the middle of corn fields so it gets very windy in the winter (and cold). Outside air temp was 45 today, but inside my porch it was 78 which is what I was hoping for. Calling for our 1st snow tomorrow, glad I got the porch finished in time! So are the pets! Thanks again, Kelly"


"Hi Kurt,  Thanks for the clear plastic winter window panels. Initially, we debated black webbing vs white on these but the black frames the windows nicely and we don't have to worry about soiling."


Orchid Grower

"I have the vinyl curtains up and they look great, and fit also. I could not be more pleased. Thanks for all of your help on my order. One question: What should we use to clean them, and to keep them looking good. Thanks Don! Glad we got them straightened out. We use a product called 210 and we get it at West Marine. It's a great cleaner and it also adds UV protection. We'll offer the cleaner in the near future when we get license."

Clear Vinyl Winter Curtains

"“Kurt  thanks for my  winter curtains.  They are much more than I anticipated and exactly what I was looking for.  They were simple to install and they look great.  I am totally satisfied.  Thanks again for all your help.  I would definitely recommend this product to everyone looking to winterize their patio addition.”"


Clear Vinyl

"I can't express to you how happy my wife and I are with new clear vinyl winterized panels.  Everything went exactly as you advertise.  It was so easy to install that it turned out to actually be FUN.  Everything was included and I didn't have to make a single trip to Home Depot to get parts to complete the project.  It took only a few hours to install.  Your competition should just close up shop . . . they simply can't compete in price, quality, service, or support.  You were less than half the price and delivered in a quarter of the time.  They wanted 30 days to deliver and you only took seven days . . . unbelievable!!!!!  We are hosting a Christmas family get together on Christmas day and thanks to you we can have everybody on the patio."

A Warm Football Season

"The installation was easy. I have a up right propane heater on the porch which we used to have to run on high when it is cold, now with the curtains up it has yet to go past low."


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