Clear Vinyl Plastic Porch & Patio Enclosures for Restaurants

Clear Vinyl Plastic Enclosures for Restaurants

Our Strengths and Weakness

Our business focuses on robust product quality at the lowest price that is very easy to self install but may not be for everyone. For many of our clients who want to just put panels up for the season with plans to open and close them rarely, we are a great choice. However, for Clear Vinyl Panel applications that must be raised and lowered each day, our system may not be as easy to use. The folks at Southern Patio Enclosures specialize in commercial jobs and offer turn key service including installation. They are as honest as the day is long and offer a variety of systems (including motorized) that are worth exploring.

Restaurant Project #1 (Click any image to enlarge)

Heavy clear plastic drop panels heavy plastic for porches plastic drop panels

clear heavy vinyl plastic drop panels heavy plastic panels

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vinyl plastic drop panels plastic drop panels custom-made clear vinyl plastic curtain panels

three season drop panels plastic window coverings plastic drop panels

Heavy Clear Plastic Drop Panels | The Competing Version

Protecting your porch or patio from wind, rain and snow doesn't need to be complicated or expensive. To date, providers of this type of product have been the awning companies. When we studied their products, we found them to us heat welded clear vinyl that had unsightly seams and plastic aprons that looked too industrial looking for our taste. The stitching of their Heavy Clear Plastic Drop Panels was not automated and fastening methods included a metal welting tape that required their professional service (at a cost) to remove during summer months and was unsightly. We had a better idea!

Heavy Clear Plastic Drop Panels | Our Version

We are about 65% of the cost to protect a screen porch with Heavy Clear Plastic Drop Panels compared to any competitor because we do it smarter. We found a way to make a very rare 20 mil clear vinyl plastic for our Heavy Clear Plastic Drop Panels that is 72" tall instead of standard 54" tall. What this means is larger windows for you and less fabrication cost since we typically only need to put our canvas aprons on the bottom without a top apron. In addition, our fasteners are simpler and so easy to install with just a screw driver and a ladder. Our aprons are either Sunbrella® or Weathermax® for a cleaner natural look though they are expensive fabrics to buy. Best of all, our panels take just minutes to remove without professional services putting you in control.

Heavy Clear Plastic Drop Panels For Restaurants

Want to lure customers to outdoor dining during in cold and rainy climate? Heavy Clear Plastic Drop Panels are an investment that pay for themselves in just a week or two. Keep customers warm by using a space heater and create a cozy al fresco environment year round. Using Heavy Clear Plastic Drop Panels will put more diners in view of passers by luring them towards a restaurant with "action", instead of to an alternative restaurant. Expand your culinary real estate, Today!