Step 3: Attachments
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Your curtains will not seal without fasteners!

120 ft Raw Mosquito Netting
Marine Snaps with screw
studs & Small Tool

mosquito netting
Adhesive snaps

mosquito netting
Large Snap Tool

Block magnet
Block-shaped door magnets

Carrier & Hook
Fiberglass Rods

elastic cord
Elastic Cord and D-Ring

Extra strength magnets
Tether Clips

Sealing Sides (review sealing sides)



Black Marine Snaps packs of 10 with screw studs, (includes economy tool) Vertical Snaps
every 2-3ft
White Marine Snaps packs of 10 with screw studs, (includes economy tool) Top/Bottom Snaps
every 6-10ft
CLEAR Adhesive-backed Snaps $10 per 4 for brick, tile, & metal vinyl surfaces (NOT Stucco, Hardiplank or Sandstone) Expensive little doo-dad but useful for surfaces you'd rather not screw into. We include screw studs just in case you need alternative.  
WHITE Adhesive-backed Snaps $8 per 4 Hard Plastic, slightly more durable than the neoprene clear version. Blends better with white trim and concrete (NOT Stucco, sandstone, or Hardiplank). We include screw studs just in case you need an alternative.  
BLACK Adhesive-backed Snaps $8 per 4 To match dark surfaces and looks good on brick.  
Fully Refundable Industrial Snap Tool (Optional) for when you are placing more than 20 snaps. Refundable upon return. We just want to make your life easier! If you do not order this tool, you will receive free economy tool (harder to use).  
Rubber Washers These are used only for a very special circumstance for folks ordering raw netting fabric only. Rubber washers are NOT used for custom-made Mosquito Curtains

Magnetic Doorways (review doors)



Block Shaped Magnets Every 12-24" for doors (sold individually). Vertically, every 12-24"
depending on wind
10ft Fiberglass Rods recommend 2 per panel for a clean edge to both sides. Recommend 2 per panel
2 required for doors
Extra Strength Ring Magnets used rarely in very special circumstance. Rarely used

Elastic Cord, Tethers & Stucco Strips



Black Elastic Cord & D-Rings for "inside hangs" at corners. What is this again?
White Elastic Cord & D-Rings for "inside hangs" at corners.  
Stucco Strip A mini 3" panel to create magnetic doorway at end of panel You will still need to order block magnets and 2 fiberglass rods for door set up. What the heck is a
Stucco Strip?
Tether Clips to tether curtain bottom to post.  
Belted Ribs for Clear Vinyl Panels.  

Other Items

Clear Vinyl Cleaner Fastwax Cleaner® for cleaning winter curtains.  
Black Webbing for workroom sewing.  
White Webbing for workroom sewing.

Internal Use Only
We use this for custom work where every unit = $1