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Screen Curtains Custom-made to the inch

It is highly unlikely that you have a project with exactly these dimensions, however, this will give you a representative price based on a typical 3-sided exposure with a project width of 35ft. The price below is includes tracking hardware and all the fasteners required. We STRONGLY encourage you to explore the website to size your curtains correctly.


Custom Screen Porch Enclosure

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About Mosquito Curtains

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Exceptional Quality

This isn’t common netting. It is a marine-grade polyester made to get wet. It is much heavier and more durable than cheap netting and is solution-dyed to prevent fading.

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Custom Fitted Screen Projects

We commonly make custom-screen enclosures for porch patio & more. In fact, if you can think it, we can probably make it regardless of the application. If it involves large high quality netting with a means to “rig it” for your purposes, we can help.

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Helpful Overview & Installation Videos

Mosquito Netting Curtains Video

Mosquito Curtains Overview (4:46)

Mosquito Netting Curtains Tracking Installation

Complete Installation Video
Tracking Attachment (curtains slide)

Mosquito Netting Curtains Installation Video Velcro® Attachment

Complete Installation Video
Velcro® Attachment (fixed in place)

I Like It! How Do I Get One?

OPTION 1: Plan My Own Project

Couple planning their French Door Screens

It is rewarding to design, order, and install your own project from scratch. We have designed an online ordering platform that makes it simple for you to do just that! Start here to dive into the details and begin planning your own project.

Plan My Own Project

OPTION 2: Work With A Planner

We will help you plan your French Door screen

Our planners know our products inside and out. With over 50,000 custom orders under our belts, we can help you bring your idea to life fast! A few photos and a 20 minute online planning session is all it takes to place your order.


Over 53,000 Happy Customers

“We love the curtains. Everyone was sooo helpful and installing was trouble-free. They are so durable that I’ll bet they will last many years.”

“Could not be happier! What a great product. Top quality materials, superior customer service and simple homeowner installation.”

“I have just come in from our bug free carport to thank you again for the Mosquito Curtain.”

“Thank you for a great product. We have been able to re-claim our porch in the evenings. Your customer service is second to none!”

“We have used the pavilion more in the past month than we did all last summer, thanks to our new Mosquito Curtains.”


Permanent Screen Enclosure… or Elegant Mosquito Netting Curtains?

Nasty bloodsuckers ruining your family time outdoors this season? A Screen Porch Enclosure doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive or permanent! Now, there is a low cost elegant solution that you can install in an afternoon. Mosquito Netting Curtain’s porch screen enclosure system hang with minimal DIY skills. If you can operate a tape measure and handle a few household tools, you can be enjoying your insect-free Screen Porch Enclosure in an afternoon.

screen porch enclosure stylish home

For a Proper Screen Enclosure, One Size Never Fits All!

We custom-make your screen porch enclosure, yet at about 25% of the cost of a permanent porch enclosure.  We can cut virtually any shape or seamless size to handle obstacles or odd shapes.  Outdoor tracking enables you to open curtain panels, or if on a budget, we offer a less expensive fixed attachment. In addition, we offer fully interchangeable Clear Vinyl Winter Panels that you can swap out seasonably to enjoy a warm cozy space.

Quality & Service

Our most important concern is always quality. Here is an example. The cheap gazebo screens you may have seen on aluminum gazebos at home improvement stores are garbage. You can put your thumb right through it and it fades by the end of the season. Our netting is strong enough to lift this 240lb man. Even more, it is “solution dyed” such that the thread is colored and UV protected to its core. It means that your curtains won’t fade or rot prematurely. All fasteners are stainless steel and our tracking hardware is powder-coated aluminum. See our guarantee.