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Very Wide Rolls
Very Wide Rolls
Our bolts are more than double the width of typical fabric rolls. Learn More
Quality Materials
Quality Materials
Our materials are made with marine-grade materials made to last. Learn More
Fire Rated
Fire Rated
Our products are flame-retardant to NFPA standards. Learn More
Strong Marine-grade Net
Colors, Mesh & Rigging

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We Can Make It For You

We have the team, space and necessary equipment to make sure that your project is done the right way the first time.

Fabricated solutions are DIFFERENT from raw netting in that we cut some custom-shape, bind all the edges with a sturdy webbing and provide fasteners so that panels are ready to hang.

Fasteners might include a strip compatible with curtain tracking, Velcro, grommets or marine snaps that fasten through the sturdy perimeter binding that is more robust than raw fabric.

Our process is fully automated.

  • We use 12-foot fabric saws and feeders that are equipped to handle our extra-wide rolls.
  • We have double-stitch machines that precisely space stitches to accommodate our block magnets and fiberglass rods and is difficult to replicate with a single-needle machine.


Save time & Frustration
It’ll take our team about a half hour to complete your project. If you decide to sew your own panels, it’ll take a whopping eight hours. We’d love to save you all that time (not to mention the frustration)!


However, if you do decide to sew your own panels, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Call us first. There are items you might need that are not on this store page (like a special valance required for tracking)
  2. Start by cutting your netting into a geometric shape.
  3. Bind all of the edges by double stitching a 2-inch webbing (folded in half like a taco) on all sides.
  4. Keep in mind that our double stitching is spaced 1/2-inch apart to accommodate our fiberglass rods and magnets.

Do not try to sew your own panels to use with our tracking hardware. This requires a special machine.

If you would like us to make it for you, you should visit the Mosquito Curtains portion of this website

Watch this video about our Custom Made Mosquito Curtain Service

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