Photo Guidelines

Photo Guidelines please please read!

  • We are incredibly busy this season and give priority to clients who are prepared

  • Without photos, we simply cannot help or answer questions specific to your project

  • 3-4 High resolution photos that show as MUCH as possible in EACH frame

  • Step BACK and zoom OUT so we can see as much as possible

  • File size of EACH photo > 500kb. Small images are impossible to use for planning sessions

Perfect! We can see ALL fastening surfaces of ENTIRE Project in EACH frame

Simply REPLY to our EMAIL with attachments

These Are Good Photos

Why? Because they show the entire project in EACH frame and are high resolution.

These Are Bad Photos

Why? Because they are too close up and give us no idea about the scope of the project.

A Smarter Ordering Process

1. Take Photos
2. Submit Photos
3. Planning Session
4. We Handle The Rest

One way we keep our costs down is to make a smarter product that YOU can fully operate because YOU initially installed it. The other way we keep your cost down is a smarter ordering process. We don’t waste time on physical house calls. Instead we conduct a virtual house call that eliminates a huge cost and unnecessary hassle. Or did you really want a pressure salesman you don’t know meeting you at the house with the cost of his missed deals built into your price? Thought not.

Planning sessions average 20 minutes.
We will answer all questions and place your order for you.

No need to measure prior to sending photos.
We will show you HOW to measure in the planning session.

No need to ask questions until we see photos.
Answers will depend upon your particular project.