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Yardistry® Gazebo Screens

Our custom-make netting curtains for any Yardistry Gazebo. Yardistry Curtains are made from a marine grade quality mosquito netting and bound with a sturdy perimeter webbing. We offer black, white, and cream colored curtains. Our netting is far stronger that cheap quality netting found on home improvement aluminum pergolas and made to LAST. We offer mosquito, no-see-um, and shade mesh types. For those looking to really have fun, we also have a projection screen material for family movies outdoors.

yardistry gazebo curtains
yardistry gazebo curtains
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Yardistry® Gazebo Mosquito Netting Curtains

We have done a number of custom Yardistry® Gazebo screens and also offer Clear Vinyl Winter Panels to winterize your gazebo. Clients prefer our curtains for their lasting quality that is cheaper in the long run. Curtains are made of a top marine grade quality and will not fade. In addition, should you level the gazebo, we will cut the pitch and taper the bottoms specifically for your project. See our other custom projects. There are two methods of attachment, namely a fixed attachment where curtains will not slide a tracking option where curtains slide from side to side. Our Insect Curtains are interchangeable with our Clear Vinyl Winter Panels for year round useability.

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Costco® Wood Gazebo with Aluminum Roof by Yardistry® Sale until July 4th

Fixed Velcro
Tracking Option

12' x 12'

12' x 14'





How To Order

Since we custom make these and you have configuration options, we need the following information once it is built (costs are below):
  • The 4 widths BETWEEN columns
  • The height from underside of header to floor in all 4 corners - sometimes they are different depending on if was leveled requiring a tapered cut.
  • Contact us Today or Learn more

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