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Halloween Projection Screen Material

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Halloween Projection Screens

As you will read below, lighting has everything to do with creating the right effect. Images can be viewed from either side of the mesh with nearly equal resolution. The resolution of your projection depends upon how large an image you are trying to project and the amount of lumens your projector puts out. We have different mesh types in both black and white that have different qualities. Ideally, you would like your net to be as invisible (black) as possible so that your ghost seemingly appears out of nowhere. However, black requires a relatively high lumen projector if your image is very large and if you are projecting far away. All our Halloween projection screens are made of a marine grade polyester fabric that is made to last.

Black No-see-um mesh is the most transparent. The video images actually have far better resolution than the camera is able to pick up. In person, these video images are crisp and eerie. The images are about 7ft tall, using a 3200 lumen projector about 22ft from the screen. A smaller image with a weaker projector at a closer distance would could have similar resolution. Tip:  A great place to find Halloween videos and projectors is Holiday Projection.

Black Shade Mesh Is a good bit denser and will project 2.5x better than the no-see-um mesh. However the black shade mesh is slightly less transparent showing some of the screen itself with ambient light. White No-See-Um Mesh Gives even better resolution (see images below), but the screen is more visible and you've lost that holographic effect of your apparition appearing out of nowhere since the screen will be visible out in the open (good for windows though). White Shade is as good as resolution gets, but is really for traditional movie projection and probably not appropriate as a halloween projection screen.

Black No-See-um: Think black window sheer. Great effect for strong lumen projector at a distance or weaker close-up projector. Screen is virtually transparent.

Black Shade: Is denser for when you are trying to get the most out of a weaker lumen projector while still trying not to reveal screen, itself.

White No-See-um: The screen itself is more visible but you will get excellent resolution from any lumen projector.

White Shade: Really for another purpose, but very best possible resolution though very noticable.

Rigging Screen Between Two Trees

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