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Create Your Own Complete Deck Screen Enclosure

PVC Framed For Deck Screen Enclosure

Be sure to speak to us BEFORE making this frame to ensure it is compatible with creating a sealed space. We prefer 3 inch PVC because it is sturdy and very strong but corner connectors can be difficult to find this special corner connector at home improvement stores or this online company Ask for 3" elbow with 2" side outlet. 2 inch 3-way connectors are easier to find but have a slight sag over a 10ft length.

The advantage of making a PVC frame is that it can be made to precisely fit any deck screen dimension you choose. In addition, a mosquito ceiling panel allows sunlight to pass freely to the interior of the house. When the season is over, the PVC frame disassembles easily and can be stored during the winter months. Best of all, it is easy and cost effective.

In this example, we started with a 23' x 8' deck. Because the mosquito curtain is made from 123" rolls, we decided to make the ceiling 10' tall. Fortunately, 10' PVC is sold at any major hardware store. Again, while this example shows pipe, we strongly recommend PVC.


Frame Diagram

Rule 1:
When deciding where to put your frame, consider that we MUST have a clear path around the outside of your frame. If there is a deck railing, you either need to keep the entire frame inside the railing or the entire frame completely outside the railing. While there have been occaissions where we have had to "notch" up and over a railing, it isn't easy to align.

Rule 2:
Because one side of the enclusure is typically the house, (not free-standing) make sure we have straight fastening surfaces to attach the curtain to the house, itself. For example, it would be a bad idea to terminate the frame where there is a window or sliding glass door. A good flat surface is optimal.

Note: The elastic cord described in the diagram is to keep the roof panel from sagging and improve the connection against the house..
Deck Screen Diagram

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