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We offer Jumbo Sized Marine-grade Quality Mosquito Netting Fabric & Custom Fabricated Mosquito Netting Solutions, click here.

Use this store to purchase mosquito netting fabric and attachments for your project. Or we can make a custom Mosquito Curtain for you.

Very Wide Rolls
Very Wide Rolls
Our bolts are more than double the width of typical fabric rolls. Learn More
Quality Materials
Quality Materials
Our materials are made with marine-grade materials made to last. Learn More
Fire Rated
Fire Rated
Our products are flame-retardant to NFPA standards. Learn More
Strong Marine-grade Net
Colors, Mesh & Rigging

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Shade | Outdoor Projection Mesh

(Blocks 80% of Sun. White used for outdoor projection screens)

Black - will not fade and blocks both insects and 80% of sunlight. Best Visibility.

Cocoa - has the potential to fade, blocks 80% of sunlight and not as clear to see through as black.

White - used primarily for outdoor projection screens.


  • Fabric: 100% durable polyester
  • Colors: Black, Cocoa Brown & White
  • Weight: 5.0 oz. per square yard
  • Airflow: 40%
Shade | Outdoor Projection Mesh
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White or Gray Shark's Tooth Scrim

(Used mainly for Indoor theatre productions)

Used for indoor projection and theater scrims


  • Fabric: 100% durable polyester
  • Color: White
White or Gray Shark's Tooth Scrim
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Comparison of All Fabrics and Colors

Fabricated solutions below are different than ordering "raw fabric"

Black Mosquito Netting

Black No-see-um Netting

Black Shade / Privacy Netting

White Mosquito Netting

Ivory Mosquito Netting

White No-see-um Netting

Night Shots

Mesh Heavy Standard No-see-um Shade
Max height 12 ft 12 ft 10 ft 10 ft
Max width 150 ft 150 ft 150 ft 150 ft
Holes / sq inch 230 280 800 n/a
Weight / sq yd 2.9 oz 1.6 oz 2.0 oz 5.0 oz
Hole size 1.5 x 0.8mm 1.7 x 0.8mm 0.6 x 0.6mm n/a
Thread denier* 450 225 225 550
Air flow 85% 85% 65% 40%
Clarity black 98% 98% 94% more info
Clarity white 60% 60% 50% 20%
Substitute Stitched Webbing with Duct Tape.

Sound Crazy? Read on. Fold Duct tape (we like Gorilla® brand) in half like a taco and tuck the  mesh inside (Duct Tape comes in a variety of colors and there is something used in the film industry called Gaffer's Tape that has a matte textured backing that looks more like cloth). Apply the Duct Tape around the entire perimeter of the netting panel.

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Boat Photos » Yep, Duct tape!

You can apply adhesive-backed Velcro directly to the Duct Tape to join panels or affix to a surface. Not as pretty or as strong as our Custom Solutions, but sometimes the project is more about affordable functionality and less about aesthetics. LIMITATIONS: This method only works with our "Heavy Netting Mesh. You will not be able to use any sort of tracking and can only create a fixed attachment.

A Boy Scout Idea

Take a marble, round stone or golf ball and wrap netting over the ball. Use a cord to choke a noose around the ball and then tie off the cord. This will not stress the netting like nailing the netting might. In addition your panel is reusable by repositioning the balls.

Wrap Netting Around A Wood Strip

You can wrap the netting a few turns around a wood strip (like a 1" x 2") and then nail the wood strip. The Home Improvement stores also sell a 2" x 1/4" x 8ft hardwood (poplar) that is suitable. Distributing the mounting tension along a long wood strip is far better than simply nailing directly into raw netting.

Example: Bimini Enclosure

While not optimal, you can place marine snaps into raw netting. These are NOT our fabricated panels that have a sturdy perimeter webbing (similar to a doubled over seat belt) that is more robust for placing marine snaps. However, we get that you may have your reasons, among them cost. If you do it right and do not plan to unsnap frequently, this modified method will work. You must be more careful when unsnapping by pulling from rubber discs described below. PLEASE watch this video.

Marine snaps are prone to "ripping out" which isn't a concern for our fabricated curtains since they are placed in a sturdy doubled over webbing. When you place these in raw netting, the marine snap needs some modification so they do not "rip out".

Important Rubber Discs

The good news is that our netting is very strong, but when placing snaps, you must use rubber discs on either side of the fabric to reinforce the fabric by distributing the load on a broader surface. You will still need to take care when snapping and unsnapping, but raw netting and these reinforced snaps is an inexpensive way to fasten raw netting to some fixed surface. It works very well (and we are picky), you just have to place them correctly and unsnap carefully.

Snaps in doubled over webbing only on our fabricated panels. Raw net is unfinished without webbing.

Modified snap for raw netting. When you unsnap netting, pull from beneath rubber disc

Rubber washer on both sides help to reinforce snap and reduce chance of ripping out.

Adhesive snaps for vinyl, metal, brick, some stone, & concrete. NOT for Stucco, Hardiplank, or sandstone.

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Porch Curtains are a challenge. Want us to make it for you?

We cut and sew ready to hang mosquito curtain panels for Porches, Patios, Garages, and more. You may want to ask yourself if it is worth your time. Our prices for custom-made curtains are very reasonable. What will take us 30 minutes with automation, 12ft fabric saws, and feeders will take you about 8 hours. Our double stitch machines make perfectly spaced stitches that precisely hold our block magnets and fiberglass rods. If you plan to use tracking, you will need a special snap tape to fasten to your track carriers.

If you have a workroom, you'll understand that sewing large panels can be a challenge since they will shape-shift if the tension on your machine isn't set properly and you won't know if it is set properly until you've already sewn the panel. If you really want to sew it, we recommend sewing then cutting iteratively. We've had plenty of customers give up and have us make them as well a few that have done a splendid job.

Sewing your own panels
  1. Cut netting into some geometric shape
  2. Bind all the edges by double stitching a 2" webbing (folded in half like a taco)
  3. The spacing and positioning of our double stitching is 1/2" to precisely accommodate our fiberglass rods, and magnets
Do not try to sew your own panels to use with OUR tracking hardware

It isn't that we wouldn't want you to, but to make the curtains fasten to the track requires a specific $20,000 machine that you don't have. The connection to our track is very specific and requires special machined fasteners. It won't work and you will be disappointed.

Our netting is often used for spline screening especially for very large panels using all mesh types except "Standard". We can make single individual cut pieces 12ft x 100ft and everyone chooses "black" for visibility. Our No-see-um Mesh is often used when these small biting insects are too small for standard screening. Keep in mind that "Black" is the most practical color for both visibility and dirt.

A little trick for spline screening is to roll the netting around 2.5" PVC tubes like Moses' Ten Commandment scroll. This enables you to stretch the screening in 2 directions, both along the length of the PVC tube and between the two tubes. Place over frame, spline, and then trim.

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