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Tracking Attachment

Tracking enables you to slide curtains from side to side. Tracking rails are similar to what is used for hospital privacy curtains and tracking is undermounted to some surface.  Assembling track is like the old Hot Wheels track you may have played with as a child. Curved tracking and tracking splices allow you to create virtually any configuration for any desired length. Cut your final piece with an ordinary hacksaw. Tracking hardware must be ordered.

When to Choose Tracking Attachments?

  • Want that touch of class
  • Want to create decorative swags when not in use
  • Occasionally want a good old-fashioned open porch.
  • For some reason you are unable to side-mount Velcro.

Fixed Velcro® Attachment

Velcro® panels are fixed in place and do not slide.  You can still enter and exit through magnetic doorways even though the top is stationary. Velcro® tape mounted curtains will have a 5/8" loop-sided Velcro strip that is double-stitched to the top binding of the curtain. Velcro is side-mounted to some surface as undermounting is a weak hold.  You simply "peel and stick" a corresponding hook-sided Velcro® tape strip (included in your attachment kit) to your surface.

When to Choose Velcro® Attachments?

  • Less expensive (no track hardware)
  • Can create limited door openings
  • Very flexible for odd shapes
  • Best path is around columns
  • You have a clear surface to side-mount to

Will Velcro® Tape Hold? 

Yes. The attachment is difficult to pull away from the center. The weak spots are the two upper corners of a given curtain panel that need to be reinforced with marine snaps. With marine snaps, the curtain won't have the opportunity to blow open a flap and slowly start a chain reaction where, in a few hours, your curtain would otherwise fall.

Compare Track Sizes

There are a couple of tracking sizes to choose from. Here is a comparison between the 2 and a video to help assist you in deciding which is better for you.

Learn more about Heavy Tracking

Standard Track

Heavy Track

  • 98% of Customer Choose this type
  • For porches less than 10ft (120in) tall
  • 3/4" wide and 3/4" deep (sleeker)
  • Uses snap carriers for a tighter seal
  • Powder coated aluminum
  • About $4/linear ft.


  • 2% of Customers Choose this type
  • For porches taller than 10ft (120in) tall
  • 1.25" wide and 1.25" deep
  • More forgiving when mounting to masonry
  • Won't be damaged if traveling by air
  • Better for corrosive environments
  • PVC plastic
  • About $7/linear ft.

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