Mosquito Netting Fabric Colors For Patio Enclosures

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90% of Customers choose this mesh!

Heavy Mosquito Mesh

Heavy Mosquito Mesh has the best air flow with a hole count of 230 holes per sq inch in a rectangular grid pattern that will also stop small gnats and black flies (all flies except "no-see-ums"). 90% of clients select this mesh.

When to Choose Mosquito Netting?

  • Want maximum air flow.
  • Do not require shade.
  • Do not have tiny biting flies called no-see-ums.
  • See Video Comparison of all mesh types & colors BELOW


No-see-um Mesh looks more like a gorgeous black or white "sheer material" with an 800+ hole count used in costal areas with extremely tiny biting flies known as no-see-ums (because they are too small to see).

When to Choose No-See-Um Netting?

  • Only when you have this type of tiny biting fly
  • Otherwise, we recommend Mosquito Netting Mesh for better air flow
  • See Video Comparison of all colors & mesh types BELOW

Shade Mesh

Our Shade Mesh is a unique weave and blocks both insects and 80% of the sunlight with excellent visibility looking out but can be a heavy dark look from the outside looking in.  The opaqueness, when outside looking in, also offers a bit of privacy to block prying eyes. White Shade is not really appropriate for porches and is used more for outdoor projection screens.

When to Choose Shade Mesh Netting?

  • When you want to take the edge off the harsh sun.
  • Yet maintain excellent clarity looking out.
  • Provides privacy from outside eyes.
  • Want to Block wind (tricky so call for help please)
  • Black Only Very heavy appearance from outside looking in
  • See Video Comparison of all colors & mesh types BELOW
View Available Colors:
Color: Black

90% of all orders. Shows less dirt and has best clarity of all colors.

white patio enclosurewhite mosquito netting screenWhite mesh fabric
white nosee screen nosee patio enclosures white patio enclosures
Color: White

10% of all ordersFor that warm tropical feel.  Milky to see through.

off white mosquito nettingscreen porch enclosurePatio Enclosure Ideas
Color: Ivory
Video Comparison of Mesh and Colors

See the difference between black, white, and ivory colors in the various mosquito netting, no-see-um, shade, and shark's tooth scrim mesh types with a live demonstration.

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