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How We Stopped Mosquitoes from Crashing A Wedding

“Mommy, we’re getting married!”

From the time she was a little girl, I knew this day would come. It was the moment I had been waiting for. Time to plan the wedding I had been fantasizing about all these years. Finally, it was my turn to tearfully watch my little girl glide down the aisle on her proud father’s arm. She would smile sweetly and then gaze with loving eyes at the young man waiting for her at the altar. He would beam at her, his beautiful bride in her exquisite white dress.

“Oh, Sweetheart! That’s wonderful news! I know a beautiful chapel …”

My daughter interrupted me. “No, Mom. We want an outdoor wedding on the water.”

Reality hit. I heard, “There will be mosquitoes.”

She went on. “We found the perfect place! I’ll come by and get you in an hour so you can see it.”

It was a lovely home on 50 acres of land about 20 miles out of town. As we drove up I saw deep green manicured grounds; hundred-year-old oak trees; and a pristine, crystal blue pond. I got out of the car smiling. Within a minute I was slapping my arm, squashing a mosquito who almost succeeded in having me for lunch. With every subsequent slap, all I could think of was our guests getting bit and that sweet little chapel I knew would be perfect for the happy occasion.

Resigning myself to my impending fate, I asked my closest friends for solutions. There were many.

“Mosquitos hate dryer sheets. You can pass them out to all of your guests and put them on their chairs and inside their clothing!”

“Lavender! You can put pots of lavender all around. Mosquitos hate lavender.”

“How about some mosquito zappers? I heard they work well.”

“Mosquito repellent! You can get someone to come out and spray.”

“Citronella candles!”

Then, one glorious day, the groom’s mother gave me a call. “I hear the kids want their wedding at my brother’s place by the pond. The mosquitoes are horrible out there. I thought I’d let you know about a very nice outdoor wedding I went to last year. My friend used mosquito curtains to keep the bugs out.”

“Mosquito curtains?”

Mosquito Netting for a Wedding

“She found a company online that custom makes mosquito curtains. They decorated the mosquito curtains with flowers. It really was lovely. We were able to enjoy the freshness and view of the outdoors without getting attacked by mosquitos. It was one of the prettiest weddings I have ever seen. I was so impressed that I ordered some mosquito curtains for my front porch. I really like them.”

I mulled it over.

“Why don’t you come over and see for yourself? I’ll show you the photos I took at that wedding.”

Was this was the solution I had been waiting for? Not only would my daughter be happy, but according to what I just heard, the wedding could be memorable for all the right reasons.

As I drove up to the lovely Victorian, I was struck by the white mosquito netting draped decoratively around the front porch. My hostess led to the front porch where she had food and drinks waiting to be served.

“Where did you get the mosquito curtains?” I asked.

“I found the company online. They are called, Mosquito Curtains. Really nice people and easy to work with. Kurt explained to me about the netting. See? There are 800 tiny little squares in every square inch. No bugs can get through. Not even no-see-ums.”

“I didn’t know what to expect. These are really nice.”

“We used to have a terrible time with mosquitos. Believe me, I have tried everything. Citronella candles, dryer sheets… I even bought one of those mosquito zappers. I love my mosquito curtains. I threw them in the wash once and they came out good as new. It really is a great product.”  

For the wedding, we draped two large tents with mosquito netting and decorated them with small pink roses (my daughter’s favorite). I am happy to say, the wedding was really nice. My daughter was beautiful; her husband, handsome. The musicians played well, the food was delicious and everyone had a good time. Thanks to the mosquito netting, no one was eaten up with those pesky unwanted guests that are so good at ruining a celebration.

Not only did Mosquito Curtains help with the wedding, I now have mosquito netting on myfront porch. My new fantasy is about the day I will play there with my grandchildren. It will be soon. My daughter is expecting in the spring.

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