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Be Prepared By Learning Your Options

It is helpful if you have a basic understanding of your options when you speak to a planner. This page gives a high level overview of your options on Mesh Type and Color, Top Attachment, and Doorways and Fasteners. For a much more detailed explanation on each topic, please visit the planning section of the website.

Mesh Types And Colors

There are three mesh types and three colors to choose from. Over 90 percent of orders choose Black Heavy Mosquito Mesh. The first exception is our Noseeum mesh where “No-seeum” biting flies are a problem. In this case, customers choose the No-seeum Mesh. The second exception is our Shade Mesh for those trying to create shade or a giant projection screen.

Heavy Mosquito Mesh
(90% Choose This)

Heavy Mosquito Mesh (90% of all orders)

Heavy Mosquito Mesh has the best air flow with a hole count of 230 holes per sq inch in a rectangular grid pattern that will also stop small gnats and black flies (all flies except “no-see-ums”). If you don’t have no-see-um biting flies or don’t require shade, this is the mesh to choose.

When to Choose Mosquito Netting?

  • Want maximum air flow.
  • Do not have tiny biting flies called no-see-ums.
  • See Video Comparison of all mesh types & colors

Black Mosquito

White Mosquito

Ivory Mosquito

Noseeum Mesh
(For Tiny Biting Flies)


No-see-um Mesh looks more like a gorgeous black or white “sheer material” with an 800+ hole count used in coastal areas with extremely tiny biting flies known as no-see-ums (because they are too small to see).

When to Choose No-See-Um Netting?

  • Only when you have this type of tiny biting fly
  • Otherwise, use Mosquito Netting Mesh for better air flow
  • See Video Comparison of all colors & mesh types 

Black NoSeeUm

Black NoSeeUm

White NoSeeUm

Shade Mesh
(Creates Shade)

Shade Mesh

Our Shade Mesh is a unique weave and blocks both insects and 80% of the sunlight with excellent visibility looking out but can be a heavy dark look from the outside looking in.  The opaqueness, when outside looking in, also offers a bit of privacy to block prying eyes. White Shade is not appropriate for porches and is for outdoor projection screens.

When to Choose Shade Mesh Netting?

  • When you want to take the edge off the harsh sun.
  • Yet maintain excellent clarity looking out.
  • Provides privacy from outside eyes.
  • See Video Comparison of all colors & mesh types

Black Shade

Black Shade

White Shade

Top Attachment Types

There are 2 main top attachment types. Tracking and Velcro®. A tracking installation allows you to open your curtains sliding them side to side. Velcro® is fixed at the top and doesn’t slide. Both are simple to install.

Tracking Installation
(Hover to Activate Animation)

Velcro Installation
(Hover to Activate Animation)

Doorways & Fasteners

One of our biggest focal points is the ease of installation and usability of your curtain. For simple installation, we use a series of versatile components like marine snaps to allow you to attach to different surfaces. Our magnetic doorways and stucco strips allow you easy entry and exit between panels and at the edge of panels. Each of these videos is under 90 seconds. Watch them and you will understand most of what you need to know about how your curtains will operate.

Sealing Sides with Marine Snaps

Seal to a wall or column is with our stainless steel marine snaps. The female snap is fastened to any top, side, or bottom binding of a curtain panel. The male snap is on a 5/8″ inch screw stud which can be screwed into wood surfaces. Some (regular-shaped) columns are perfectly straight and provide a suitable surface to snap to while others are lathed or tapered (irregularly-shaped).

Magnetic Doorway

Connecting two panels magnetically serves two purposes. Magnet doorways allow you to pass between panels but also help to create logical gathered swags by strategically creating panel breaks for your porch enclosure.

Magnetic doorways are much easier to separate than unsnapping panels from a wall or column. It takes two panels to form a magnetic doorway and they overlap by 1 inch to seal.  Be sure to read about stucco strips that are mini panels enabling you to create magnetic connections to a wall using a mini 3″ panelette.

Powerful Neodymium Magnets & Fiberglass Rods

These are NOT ordinary refrigerator magnets. Our rare-earth magnets are freakishly strong and seal doorways. You MUST ORDER enough magnets to space them every 12-18 inches depending upon your wind conditions.

Fiberglass rods insert vertically up into the side bindings to distribute the load on the magnets and complete the seal between magnets.

For each 8ft tall magnetic door way set up, you’ll need:

  • 10-16 magnets and 2 fiberglass rods ordered from the Attachment Items section of the store page.

The Stucco Strip

Ideally, you don’t want to have to unsnap your curtain to draw it open, so you want to think about usability when dividing your project into connecting panels. Think of a stucco strip as a “mini 3-inch wide panel”. Why that name?  We don’t remember.

One edge of the 3″ Stucco Strip snaps to a structural surface like a wall or column while the other edge is set up for a magnetic connection to a larger panel. The stucco strip stays snapped to the wall, but enables the larger panel to be drawn much easier without having to snap and unsnap your porch enclosure.

For each 8ft tall stucco strip set up, you’ll need to order these:

  • Stucco strip when ordering panels
  • 10-16 magnets and 2 fiberglass rods when you order Attachment Items.

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