Caring for Your Netting Curtains

Caring for Your Curtain

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Avoid Damage
  • Avoid sharp objects that can poke into fabrics
  • Avoid anything hot enough to melt panels (barbecues, cigars, heaters)
  • If you use a lawn service, warn them that a gas blower will melt a hole and a weed eater will cut a hole.
  • Rinse well with a hose mid season and at the end of the season (a soak in the bath tub with soapy water and drip dry will extend life).
  • We strongly recommend removing panels in the off season to extend life.
  • When removing panels for storage, remove fiberglass rods and store in clean dry place.
  • Rodents love to nest in fabrics and will chew holes so make sure panels are in secure storage.

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