Finally, A New Storm Proof Screening?

As the storm season has finally passed, many Floridians are reluctant to spend thousands of dollars replacing screen enclosures that have taken a pounding. In the attempt to regain normalcy, many are finding it difficult to find professionals to replace damaged screens as contractors focus on, the more lucrative, new installations. Frustrated, many home owners are turning to Mosquito Curtains as an alternative to permanent screening.

Mosquito Curtains were developed as an elegant, yet inexpensive, alternative to permanent patio screening. Originally marketed to northern upscale homes, the curtains compliment porches with unique architectural designs while enabling users to seasonally enjoy a good old-fashioned “open porch.”

During the early years, we found that because Floridians endured a longer insect season, they opted for more permanent solutions.” Says Kurt Jordan of Mosquito Curtains Inc., “Now, we are receiving desperate calls from people frustrated with the unusual hurricane cycle and a long contractor’s queue.” The curtains are custom-made to fit most porch configurations with seamless material in both mosquito and no-see-um meshes. The Curtains are delivered in 2-5 business days and self-installation is quick and easy using only household tools. More importantly, when the next big storm gets named, the curtain is removed in minutes to avoid damage.

The outdoor curtains provide for several attachment methods including Velcro® tape , hooks and a sleek aluminum tracking system used for hospital privacy curtains. A typical 35’ wide x 10’ tall curtain project costs $840 + shipping and includes curtain track and fasteners.

The durable, knitted and heat-cured polyester is easy to care for and comes in three neutrals: white, ivory and black. The airy Mosquito Curtain is machine washable and is custom designed to fit most porch, gazebo or under deck configurations. Because the curtains are easily cleaned, a white color, that reflects radiant sunlight, is practical. Jordan adds, “The favorite coastal product is our jet-black no-see-um fabric that is so gorgeous you just want to swim in it. Unlike many no-see-um meshes, it is incredibly durable, has 85% visibility, and allows for better air flow.”

The company’s website, has shipped more than 29,000 orders to customers in the United States and abroad. Mosquito Curtains appeal to both owners of upscale residences who appreciate its pleasing aesthetics, and budgeted home owners who appreciate an 80% cost savings compared to a professionally installed framed screen.