Do you make Curtains for umbrellas?


Not any more. There are other companies who specialize in this sort of thing like garden If you are after super quality, try . It is one of those You get what you pay for products at around $900ish. It is well thought out and easy to use. Excellent quality. If you want a cheap quality umbrella net, then try It is inexpensive, but some client feedback has been that even at $60-90, it was a waste of money and you are lucky if it lasts a full season. We want you happy, even if it's with another [...]

Do you make Curtains for umbrellas?2019-10-22T02:08:04-04:00

Will Mosquito Netting Curtains contain my pets?


It depends on the situation. Email us with your situation, and we will provide guidance. Our most durable material is our double thread weight HEAVY mosquito netting mesh. The question is getting an animal proof seal. Wood floors really help so that marine snaps can be used liberally every 4ft.

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