Why do I have to place marine snaps and magnets?


Great question. First, early on we tried to do this for customers but it is far more complicated than it may seem. Imagine a customer says, "Put marine snaps on the left side of the curtain." Is that left from an interior perspective or outside perspective? Do snap sockets face in or face out? Do you need them spaced closely for wind, or do you need only a few to make the panel easier to open? How tall is the lady of the house? (same issue for magnets)? At times, this seemingly simple communication exchange could take up to 20 minutes. [...]

Why do I have to place marine snaps and magnets?2019-10-22T02:08:35-04:00

Is this difficult to install? How long? What tools?


Curtains are installed with minimal home improvement skills. Can you stand on a ladder and hold a drill? If the answer is yes, you're in business. Most describe it as a fun little half day project. Initial Curtain installation is about 1 hour per 12 feet of curtain for tracking attachment and about 1 hour per 20ft for Velcro™ tape attachment. Subsequent reattachments take about 20 minutes per 20ft of curtain. For tracking attachment, you will need a ladder, a drill, a metal file, a hacksaw and a hammer. For Velcro Velcro™ tape attachment, a ladder, a drill, a staple gun, [...]

Is this difficult to install? How long? What tools?2019-10-22T02:09:00-04:00