Can I be a reseller of your product?


Yes. There is value helping clients plan and install mosquito netting curtains. You may direct prospective clients to which has only our photo gallery and no company information or pricing. We have discovered from repetitive orders that several individuals around the world are active resellers. They simply purchase from us and resell at a higher price for their planning and installation services. Anyone can do it without ever letting us know. If you resell more than 4 curtains, we can discuss a modest price concession and ways to purchase some items in bulk.

Can I be a reseller of your product?2019-10-22T16:42:54-04:00

How do I care for my curtains?


Curtains like to be washed at least once a year to remove any dirt. Washing your curtains will extend the life of your curtains. A great time to do so is when the bug season is over. Most folks give them a good rinsing with a hose while they are hanging.  For a deeper clean, soak them in the bath tub with a light detergent and line dry.  Do not put them in a dryer.

How do I care for my curtains?2019-10-22T16:47:18-04:00