What if I am in a windy area?


Mention this to your planner.  Much will depend upon the architecture of your application and we will see this when you send photos.  We have a number of tricks up our sleeve including belted ribs that will brace plastic panels in the wind.  In very strong winds, it is best not to compete with Mother Nature and open them up.  Since we guarantee performance, we will be the first to tell you if we feel your conditions are not appropriate for our product. Most Common Solution CV Belted Rib to Protect from Wind [...]

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What are temperature constraints?


Too Cold:  Clear vinyl becomes stiff and brittle in temperatures below -15 degrees F (-26 C).  Clear Vinyl has what is known as a “cold crack” rating such that if you try to manipulate the material below these temperatures, it will crack.  We apply a flexible webbing around the perimeter of each panel to absorb flex.  If you have a handful of nights where temperatures will be below these temperatures, consider running a space heater at a very low setting to keep temperature inside enclosure above 0 degrees F (-18 C) to be safe. Too Hot:  Be sure to remove [...]

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How can I warm my space?


We're nuts about safety and heaters can be dangerous. Consider an electric radiating heater that is safely placed to avoid fire and burns. Propane space heaters burn cleaner (byproduct is carbon-dioxide and water) than fuel based heaters but humans need oxygen and your space needs ventilation. Keep in mind that propane doesn't burn 100% so pay attention and use good sense. Never sleep or leave small children unattended in an enclosed area with a propane heater. Read all warnings associated with your heating device. Never! Never! use other organically fueled heaters (such as kerosene) that produce dangerous toxic gas (carbon monoxide). It [...]

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