What is the best path? Inside columns or outside columns?


The most common is what we call an “outside hang” taking a path OUTSIDE your columns.  This gives these perfectly dense panels skeletal structure in the wind and aesthetically looks nicer.  In addition, with an outside hang fasteners are reinforced it the breeze and not facing in a direction where they are prying loose. Choosing A Path Example

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Is this difficult to install? How long? What tools?


Curtains are installed with minimal home improvement skills. Can you stand on a ladder and hold a drill? If the answer is yes, you're in business. Most describe it as a fun little half day project. Velcro Top Attachment: (most common and panels are fixed in place for season) Velcro - is "Side-Mounted" to some surface (See tip, below, if this seems impossible). Tools Required - Drill, ladder, hammer, scissors, staple gun, pliars and your favorite dog to help watch you work. Initial Installation time - About 40 min per 10ft of width. Tracking Attachment: (enables you to slide panels from side to side) Track [...]

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How is the top attached?


FIXED ATTACHMENT (MOST COMMON) The most common is a “fixed attachment” where by panels are in place for the entire season and then entirely removed during warm months to preserve longevity. They Attach using Velcro, Marine Snaps, and L-screws through grommets. Don't forget to ask your planner about a "roll up" feature. Just like roman shades, fixed Velcro Panels can be rigged to "roll up".  A roll up system is very simple to create on your own.  We simply need to position grommets to enable you to do so. The video at the bottom of this page will show you [...]

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How do I care for my curtains?


Curtains like to be washed at least once a year with soap and water to remove any dirt. In addition, we offer a fastwax cleaner for some finer cleaning and conditioning. Curtains should be removed during the summer months as heat will shrink the curtains over time and the summer UV will yellow the clear Vinyl. Store curtains in a climate controlled environment below 85°F (30°C). Do not store in attic or garage as temperatures can soar. Under a bed is a suggestion. Caring For Your Winter Panels

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How are the sides and base attached?


Generally, a combination of marine snaps and grommets with L-shaped Screws.  We Also use belted ribs that is a tension belt fastened between two fixed points (D-Rings).  These belted ribs are not attached to the curtain panels themselves.  Under breezy conditions, panels will lean into the ribs for bracing to distribute the wind load. How Are Sides Attached? Why Is This Self-Install? See Complete Installation

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