Why choose us?


We're a family owned business based in Atlanta, GA.  We've been in business for over 14 years and have had the pleasure to work with homeowners all over the world fulfilling over 49,000 orders.  We have excellent customer reviews and work very hard to make our customers happy.  Be assured our products are guaranteed. Trust us to walk you through our streamlined order process and ensure your happiness with our product for years to come. “Solid customer service, is not only the ethical way to run a business, it makes for loyal customers who tell their friends. We are highly [...]

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What is it made of?


Clear vinyl panels are a double polished marine-grade PVC plastic with a waterproof canvas apron to make up the height difference such that panels can be offered up to 11ft tall.  We are unique in that our clear vinyl is 72” tall while others have only 54” tall windows.  The technology required is rare for 72” goods.  What this means to you is that we have taller windows that require less canvas to make up the height difference.  This is an important reason why our costs are lower than competitors.  The perimeter of each panel has a 3-inch polypropylene webbing [...]

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Is your product made in America?


Yes.  All of our vendors are also American businesses though some may source components outside the U.S.  All fabrication is done right here in Atlanta. All employees have been screened by E-verify for DHS eligibility and earn above market wages for respective skills.

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Is Clear Vinyl Plastic Fire Rated?


Yes. Clear Vinyl Plastic passes what is known as the "NFPA701 small test". In short, they pass a California fire rating standard which is the strictest in the country. Clear Vinyl often has a canvas apron. The canvas is NOT fire rated unless specifically requested (and it is expensive). Applications below 77" tall don't use a canvas apron. Between 77" - 108" the apron is only on the bottom (away from your ceiling). Taller than 108" often requires a top canvas and under the right circumstances can put you at risk. In such cases, let us know this if this is a concern when [...]

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How much will it cost?


The cost depends on your particular patio, porch, or outdoor space.  Factors include the size, overall dimensions, the height, custom work to avoid obstacles, angles, etc.  As an example, the residential porch project seen in most of the videos is 32ft TOTAL width x 9ft tall and uses 4 panels with fixed Velcro attachment is $1,258 all-in after shipping to USA. If you would like a ballpark estimate, you can use our Instant Quote Tool. For a precise quote we will need photos of your patio, porch, or outdoor space.  Once we have photos, we will have an online planning session with [...]

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What is a Clear Vinyl Enclosure?


A Clear Vinyl Enclosure is a thick (20mil) barrier to cold, rain, winds (up to 25mph) and pollen. These outdoor plastic panels are commonly used in conjunction with a space heater to expand usable living space during the cooler months. Have a question? We're here to help. Call us at 866-622-0916.

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