If you don’t have a nasty little biting fly called a no-see-um, order mosquito mesh. No-see-ums are smaller than gnats or black flies. If you don’t know what a no-see-um is, you probably don’t have them in your area. Our No-see-um Netting Mesh is stunningly gorgeous, but is denser and catches the wind more. The Standard Mosquito Netting Curtain is great quality and we have used it exclusively for our first 5 years of operation. Standard Mosquito Netting Mesh has an average life of 4 to 6 years. The Heavy Mosquito Netting Mesh is incredibly durable and will have about 25% more life at 5 to 8 years. It looks nearly identical to our Standard Mosquito Netting, and is great for masonry and tough conditions. We have devoted an entire web page to this question. Please¬†read here.