Too Cold:  Clear vinyl becomes stiff and brittle in temperatures below -15 degrees F (-26 C).  Clear Vinyl has what is known as a “cold crack” rating such that if you try to manipulate the material below these temperatures, it will crack.  We apply a flexible webbing around the perimeter of each panel to absorb flex.  If you have a handful of nights where temperatures will be below these temperatures, consider running a space heater at a very low setting to keep temperature inside enclosure above 0 degrees F (-18 C) to be safe.

Too Hot:  Be sure to remove panels when temperatures rise above 75 degrees which is generally just after pollen season.  ALL clear vinyl shrinks in temperatures above 85 degrees F (26 C) so do not store panels in the attic or garage.  Panels will also yellow in the hot summer sun. For this reason, please remove panels during the warmer months and store in a cool dry place.

Temperature Constraints for Clear Vinyl