We’re nuts about safety and heaters can be dangerous. Consider an electric radiating heater that is safely placed to avoid fire and burns. Propane space heaters burn cleaner (byproduct is carbon-dioxide and water) than fuel based heaters but humans need oxygen and your space needs ventilation. Keep in mind that propane doesn’t burn 100% so pay attention and use good sense. Never sleep or leave small children unattended in an enclosed area with a propane heater. Read all warnings associated with your heating device.

Never! Never! use other organically fueled heaters (such as kerosene) that produce dangerous toxic gas (carbon monoxide). It would be like sealing your garage and running your car engine. In time, IT WILL KILL YOU. Please be smart about your heating sources and carefully read up on the manufacturer warnings when purchasing. We want you and yours, SAFE!

Be smart about where you place your heater so that it does not melt the clear vinyl plastic.  It all depends upon the strength of your heater.  A good rule of thumb is that if you wouldn’t be comfortable at a particular distance for a protracted period of time, then the clear vinyl panels wouldn’t either.

Clear Vinyl Plastic passes what is known as the “NFPA701 small test”. In short, they pass a California fire rating standard which is the strictest in the country. Clear Vinyl often has a canvas apron. The canvas is NOT fire rated unless specifically requested (and it is expensive). Applications below 77″ tall don’t use a canvas apron. Between 77″ – 108″ the apron is only on the bottom (away from your ceiling). Taller than 108″ often requires a top canvas and under the right circumstances can put you at risk. In such cases, let us know this is a concern when you order.

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